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ESC SF2 songs if given Friends episode-style titles
  • (As with the other SF, take these not with offence but with a large pinch of salt - I like a lot of the songs I've satirised here.)
  • Austria: The one where they fit a ESC entry into a tourist vid
  • Belarus: The one that's so joyful that you can be forgiven for involuntarily emitting an exclamation of "squee!"
  • Bulgaria: The one sent with the implicit purpose of making most of us feel óld.
  • Croatia: The one that shows you that you're never short of friends, when you have multiple personality disorder.
  • Czechia: The one with the world's saddest orgy pre-party.
  • Denmark: The one where an Aussie takes part in ESC without having to bung the EBU money under the table.
  • Estonia: The one with a duo who have as much chemistry as two inert gases, music from the (19)90s and a lyrical cliché dating from the (15)90s.
  • Hungary: The one that perhaps comes closest to celebrating musical diversity.
  • Ireland: The one with the recycled Westlife b-side and the offspring of Harry Potter and Alvin the Chipmunk.
  • Israel: The one with the very questionable dance moves.
  • Lithuania: The one which will traumatise dogs and small children across Europe.
  • Macedonia: The one with the world's most underwhelming virtual reality game.
  • Malta: The one where the title matches the vocal style.
  • Netherlands: The one with the exhibition of an ancient Dutch pagan tradition - engaging in vocal harmonising in the woods at midnight to invoke the spirits.
  • Norway: The one with the serial killer moonlighting as a DJ.
  • Romania: The one with the unlikeliest blend of genres since the mid-80s zydeco-ska crossover.
  • Russia: The one that is as strategic as Kasparov and Karpov combined.
  • San Marino: The one where three times is many and four times is too many.
  • Serbia: The one where Katy Perry called and wants her chorus to Firework back.
  • Switzerland: The one where they pledge faithful devotion to a God who had dozens of lovers.
  • And this final's "Big 6" voters:
  • France: The one with the ill-fitting English chorus forced in.
  • Germany: The one that is very metal. Not heavy metal. Light, but strong metal. Do you guett' what I'm saying?
  • Ukraine: The one whose lyrics would mostly not look out of place if accompanied with the "hits blunt" meme.

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