ska love

Describe your favorite wrestler/s with an absurd one-liner

I’ll start things off:

Ridiculously handsome nerd in leather jacket who is also a demon 

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Neurotic ska-loving ginger who beats up his best friend for a living 

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Flippy gamer/dad of four with fabulous hair

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Vibrating Japanese Michael Jackson whose knees can break your face 

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Chatty ex-hardcore brawler still quietly mourning his dead plant 

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Bird cosplayer who loves umbrellas and breaking people’s fingers 

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Reformed spoiled brat jumps off of tall things and hates his own knee 

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Smartass Assassin’s Creed fanboy that started a Twitter war over flips 

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(To clarify: Top 3 are my faves, other 5 change all the time depending on my mood. This is why I love wrestling.)

Muddy Knees
Days N' Daze
Muddy Knees

…traveling to different cities, deciding anywhere is home. as long as you were by my side I never felt alone. Cigarettes to the wind, 40’s in our hands. this love is real and no one could understand the feeling we were born to feel. you know I’ll follow you anywhere.

Come on just take my hand, baby let’s go, we’ll run away with nothing but our love to show. we’ll dance in the street with mund on our knees and show the world we’re everything they wish to be but nothing that they want to see.

also heres druzy quartz!! amethyst/lapis

shes a super cool glam punk mom who tends to be. a bit too cool. shes like the mom that tries super hard to be best friends w her kid, and can be a little overbearing to steven and intrude on his space. she loves rocking out and being loud and destructive in general, making messes anywhere she goes and kind of just leavin them there 4 anyone else to deal with. shes irresponsible but amazing to party with