ska la

My festival looks are coming together.

I’m so excited, anxious, and grateful to @radiantria for leading me to the perfect belt buckle.

For everyone who is not aware, the weekend of October 28th & 29th I will be attending both the Camp Flog Gnaw festival and also The Growlers Six festival.

This is a bit ambitious, but in my current living and working situation I can afford this weekend and naturally I have the energy for it.

So, not only will I be seeing some of my favorite artists (Lana Del Rey, The Growlers, A$AP Rocky, Yeah Yeah Yeahs + more) I will also be serving a look or two in two locations each day.

The first is a gay, skater, punk outfit and the second I shall be in costume as Shaolin Fantastic.

I am going to try my best to break my habit of body dysphoria and not taking pictures.

This has been an anticipation post.