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On this day in music history: September 13, 1988 - “Truth And Soul”, the second album by Fishbone is released. Produced by David Kahne, it is recorded at Sunset Sound Factory in Hollywood, CA from Late 1987 - Mid 1988. The second full length album by the multi-faceted and multi-talented L.A. based band sees them expanding beyond their ska, punk and funk music roots, incorporating more thought provoking social commentary into their lyrics, clearly pointed out on tracks such as “Subliminal Fascism”, “Slow Bus Movin’ (Howard Beach Party)”, and “Ghetto Soundwave”. It spins off the hits “Ma And Pa” and their cover of the Curtis Mayfield classic “Freddie’s Dead”, the latter of which gives the band its first major MTV exposure. The album is remastered and reissued in 2012 by UK label Eastworld Recordings. It is also reissued by Asbestos Records in 2014, pressed on red vinyl. “Truth And Soul” peaks at number one hundred fifty three on the Billboard Top 200.


On this day in music history: November 30, 1986 - “In Your Face”, the full length debut album by Fishbone is released. Produced by David Kahne, it is recorded at Sunset Sound Factory in Hollywood, CA, Ocean Way Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA from June - September 1986. Having found success with their self-titled EP released in September of 1985, Columbia Records options a full album from Fishbone. Working once again with producer David Kahne, the L.A. based band write all of the material on their full length debut, drawing on all of their musical influences from funk and R&B, to ska and punk rock. Fishbone’s musical versatility along with their over the top energy and wry sense of humor produce another solid set. However, with CBS Records unsure of how to properly market the band, and with radio’s propensity to segregate artists based on color and musical style, the album largely falls through the cracks and fails to reach a wide audience. In spite of this, Fishbone continue to build a loyal following in part by landing a spot as the opening act for then label mates the Beastie Boys in early 1987, who are touring in support of their hugely successful album “Licensed To Ill”. “Face” spins off two singles including “It’s A Wonderful Life (Gonna Have A Good Time)” and “When Problems Arise”. The latter is accompanied by a memorable music video by Saturday Night Live short film director Gary Weis and choreographer Toni Basil. The album’s cover artwork features close up photos of the band on the front and back (taken by photographer John Scarpati). The original LP release features the artist, title graphics, track listing and a UPC barcode on both sides, making it difficult for fans and record store retailers to tell which side is the front and which is the back. Though it does include a “Parental Advisory” sticker on the outer shrink wrap of the sleeve, indicating it is the front side. “In Your Face” does not chart on the Billboard Top 200.

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The signs as music genres (such as pop, musical, metal,classical etc) they would listen to?😊💕

Aries: classic rock, dance music, top 40, anything with good guitar, movie soundtracks

Taurus: R&B, musicals, anything they can dance to, country, 80′s

Gemini: music from other countries, emo, alternative, hard rock, game soundtracks

Cancer: blues, indie, classical, anything campy, shoegaze

Leo: rap, classic rock, hip-hop, top 40, reggae

Virgo: classical, acoustic covers, anything with good lyrics, jazz, indie

Libra: house, college rock, indie pop, instrumental, 8-bit 

Scorpio: goth rock, instrumental jazz, R&B, celtic, soft rock

Sagittarius: ska, easy listening, funk, arena rock, glitch hop

Capricorn: screamo, punk, acoustic covers, coffeehouse, anything reflecting their mood

Aquarius: trance, 80′s, progressive rock, grunge, new wave

Pisces: indie, alternative, edm, anything that makes good background music, singer/songwriter

(based in part from people I know)


PUH-PUH-PUH-PESTILENCE! Your girlfriend left you for the devil, there are wildfires on the horizon of your front lawn, beasts are rising from the sea and you’ll never get to see your children grow up (into anything that doesn’t have a minimum of twenty tentacles on its face). But why let that get you down? Your ears aren’t broken!

[ p l a y ]

Perfect (In My Mind) // GOLD MOTEL
Kiss Me Deadly // REEL BIG FISH
The Other Side Of Summer // ELVIS COSTELLO
Tropical Depression // FIREWATER
Euthanasia Roller Coaster // MAJOR PARKINSON
Satan Place // FOETUS
Doctor’s Orders // DOG FASHION DISCO
Plague Of Locusts // HARVEY DANGER
California Earthquake // THE MAMAS AND PAPAS
Radiation Skank // THE TOASTERS
How U Feelin? (Feat. Doseone) // PEEPING TOM
It Only Makes Me Laugh // DANNY ELFMAN
The Funeral // THE PINE BOX BOYS

SOUND: There’s no crying in planetary eradication! Summery, sardonic, sassy, s… danceable. Sometimes self-pitying, but never sad. As bloated with ska, surf and funk influences as your neighbor’s corpse is with locust larvae.