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The signs as music genres (such as pop, musical, metal,classical etc) they would listen to?😊💕

Aries: classic rock, dance music, top 40, anything with good guitar, movie soundtracks

Taurus: R&B, musicals, anything they can dance to, country, 80′s

Gemini: music from other countries, emo, alternative, hard rock, game soundtracks

Cancer: blues, indie, classical, anything campy, shoegaze

Leo: rap, classic rock, hip-hop, top 40, reggae

Virgo: classical, acoustic covers, anything with good lyrics, jazz, indie

Libra: house, college rock, indie pop, instrumental, 8-bit 

Scorpio: goth rock, instrumental jazz, R&B, celtic, soft rock

Sagittarius: ska, easy listening, funk, arena rock, glitch hop

Capricorn: screamo, punk, acoustic covers, coffeehouse, anything reflecting their mood

Aquarius: trance, 80′s, progressive rock, grunge, new wave

Pisces: indie, alternative, edm, anything that makes good background music, singer/songwriter

(based in part from people I know)