ska dancing

Lil Sportarobbie Things Pt 4

Doing this one out of spite because I got hate on the last one :y

  • Robbie writing ‘property of Robbie Rotten’ directly on Sportacus’s skin or putting it on a sticky note.
  • Going shopping and letting Sportacus carry everything.
  • Fussing over each other when all they do is sneeze.
  • Sportacus watching Robbie doing his makeup and being absolutely mesmerized by it.
  • Changing names like “Sportaflop” to things like “Sportacutie.”
  • Sugar free cupcakes.
  • Running fingers through Sportacus’s hair while he sleeps.
  • Trying to draw each other. (You decide which one does it better.)
  • Making bets on which kid is gonna figure out they’re together first.
  • Ska and Electronic dance music mashups.
  • Trying to teach Sportacus how to play an instrument.
  • Robbie not understanding why Sportacus keeps laughing at gym fail videos.
  • Sportacus not understanding why Robbie keeps laughing at kid fail videos.
  • Tickle attacks with a following silent treatment.
  • Sportacus making very intricate flower bouquets. (Knows every single flower’s meaning.)
  • Robbie letting Sportacus try to do his makeup. (Looks horrible.)
  • Going to the beach and forcing Robbie into the water.
  • Stealing Sportacus’s hat.
Official dating requirements

1 You must be either as bad at dancing as I am or worse

2 you must being willing to listen to shitty ska music and dance poorly with me to said shitty ska music


“Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo

Dead Man’s Party (1985)