hey my guys so if you’ve been following for the past few months you know ive been working on a project for awhile now.

it’s called basements and basilisks and its a dungeons and dragons podcast thats currently only on youtube (we’re working on getting it up on itunes) BUT to have the fancy youtube url we want, we need 200 subscribers. if you could maybe give us a subscribe here it would be super appreciated. if not, could you maybe reblog this?

ive just been planning this for awhile now and actually putting it into action for the past few months and we just would really appreciate having the url. thank you for everything guys, the first episode will be coming out 12/5/16!

tldr; basements and basilisks is a dungeons and dragons podcast and we need 200 subscribers to get the url we want! subscribe here

varför skriver aldrig läkarna ut medicinerna fastän dom säger att dom ska????
skitkul att ha käkat alla tabletterna å så visar det sig när man står i Apoteket att jag inte ens har fått ett recept

An anonymous fear submitted to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!
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My good friend Wolfblur did a wicked ska cover of Asgore’s theme (approved by Toby Fox for a free download on Bandcamp!), and I did the cover artwork. 

Hope you enjoy seeing the most bodacious dad in all of gaming doing flip trickz over a neat plant.

Also go check out Wolfblur’s Bandcamp page and listen to his rad tracks and musical adventures, and follow his Facebook if you’re into bookfacing! And follow me on Facebook, Instagram and well, here on Tumblr if you want more shenanigans.

A Better Place, A Better Time
  • A Better Place, A Better Time
  • Streetlight Manifesto
  • Everything Goes Numb

Annie’s tired of forgetting about today
and always planning for tomorrow
Tommorow and she says, “The saddest day i came across was
when I learned that life goes on without me”
Without me and she says, “If everyone has someone else,
then I ain’t got nobody’s love to save me”
Save me and she says, “I think I’ll pass away tonight,
‘cause it seems I’ll never get it right, it’s just me” Annie says!

when you wake up
everything is going to be fine
I guarantee that you wake in a better place
in a better time
So you’re tired of living
and feel like you might give in
well don’t
It’s not your time

And even if it was so
Oh I wouldn’t let you go
you could run run run run but I will follow close
Someday you will say “that’s it, that’s all”
but I’ll be waiting there with open arms to break your fall
I know that you think that you’re on your own
but just know that I’m here
and I’ll lead you home
if you let me
She said “forget me”
but I can’t