Unique things Christine has done in the ‘Final Lair’:

  1. Kaley Ann Voorhees’s fighter stance.
  2. Samantha Hill shoving the Phantom back.
  3. Julie Hanson holding onto Raoul’s hand.
  4. “Goooaaaaaaalllllll!” (Sara Sarres)
  5. Mary Michael Patterson appealing to the Phantom right after he strings up Raoul.
  6. Daniela Braun almost throwing herself over the Phantom to get back to Raoul.
  7. “Pay attention to me.” “No.” (Elizabeth Loyacano)
  8. Leila Benn Harris pushing herself between the Phantom and Raoul to shove Raoul back.
  9. Ana Marina mouthing “Why? Why??” to the Phantom.
  10. Julia Moller meeting the Phantom eye to eye and backing him off.
  11. Teresia Bokor grabbing the Phantom’s hand.
  12. Valerie Link’s quiet appeal to the Phantom.
  13. Luzia Nistler huddling in a heap when the Phantom yells at her.
  14. Lisa Vroman’s horror when she thinks the Phantom has killed Raoul.
  15. Sandra Joseph kissing the ring before giving it back to the Phantom.
  16. Elena Bahtiyarova kissing the Phantom’s hand.