Perccyderolo’s 300 follower giveaway!

Whaaaaat!! So many of you!

well, in honour of this, i want to do a little something for those wonderful ppl who follow me <3

There will be three prizes. first place gets first choice, etc.


- ends 1st of January, midday AEST.

- this is for my followers, so you must be following me (yes, you can follow now and enter)

- Reblog = two entries. Like= one entry. One like and one reblog only. I mean, you can reblog more than once, but it literally won’t do anything

- no giveaway blogs, i will check

- you must have your askbox/submit/messages open for me to contact you!

now, under the cut for prizes! All prizes can be for any fandom, character, or OC you want, but the more familiar I am the better quality they’ll be ^^

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