Tuesday June 11th

These past 2 weeks have been somewhat difficult, I will say. I have lost a lot of things in such little a time. To start, my sisters hurt my feelings very much, I feel as though she has  ditched me and thats harsh because I don’t have anyone. I am so very lonely, but I guess its for the good. I must be faithful and respect my parents, and god. I can say the only person I miss is Andrew, oh how I miss him so very dearly. Not a single day goes by that I do not think of him. When I am upset or lonely all I have to do is think of him in his onsie, with his beautiful smile that no one could ever forget and his kindness that ever so touched my heart in a way no one ever could, I laugh and smile and everything is better. Even though we can’t speak to each other, knowing of his presence in this cruel world has made it beautiful. He’s made me stronger as a person, soul and body. He made me see that through the cruelness in this world, there is beauty, you just have to find it. And I still won’t give up in seeing him one day, even if its a glance on the street, we will meet. I can feel it. I know it. My heart says it. And my heart only says true things. There’s so much I could say about how andrew has made my life better but it would fill an entire book and I only have a few minutes to write this. But I hope he knows I love him just as much as the say I met him, if not, more. And I hope he thinks of me often, and I hope he remembers and knows that I didn’t leave him, I would never do that, I’m still in his heart, always. And he can find me if he wants to. :)  Anywhoo, I’m trying to keep myself busy with things so I don’t go completely bonkers from my loneliness. Sherlock holmes is my best friend, and I’m researching maritime of Australia, which is quite fascinating. I’m also trying to be  good, smile everyday, and be there for everyone around me. I want to change the world, and I have faith that I can, one smile at a time.

-Much love to you all, kindness and regards, and a big kiss for you potato.


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