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To All My Skate Family the new year is about to unfold
with new opportunities to explore
doors will open with new experiences
and more adventures 
remember not the former things nor 
the things of this past year
the Lord will do new things in us
much more than we are aware
for He will make a way for us
As we put our trust in Him God Bless and let his love be with you all…..

The Sk8 Doctor


DJ “Rana Sobhany” had no experience as a DJ when she bought her first of two iPads less than a month ago. But today the experienced guitarist, producer and veteran computer-based songwriter is also known as the world’s first iPad DJ, packing a professional-quality arsenal of beats into two tiny, easily portable tablets and dreaming big about the future of music and technology.

Father, Thank you for your covenant promise of protection. Right now I call upon the covenant I have with you and plead the blood of Jesus over my Skate Family and myself. Angels, I charge you to watch over my Skate Family to protect us, for we are Skaters, Skating is apart of our lifestyle for Jesus. Go before us, behind us, beside us and all the way around us. Keep us from calamity, evil and misfortune.

Let No evil will befall my Skate Family in the Name of Jesus! This I Pray,
I Love you Guys (ALL) “My Skate Family"…….. The Sk8 Doctor