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Own clothes day at school, so I went with this outfit and a grunge makeup kinda thing.
My top says “I’m not a rapper.” I was inspired by Lil Uzi Vert cause he’s one of my many bae’s including jozif bodmon x

Got carried away today and took HELLA PICS ON MY PHONE 😂💀.

theMadmarsz | पलायन.


Valentine’s Day is a holiday for everyone! You can express your love to your friends, your family, your dog, pets, maybe a significant other? Whatever and whoever brings love to your heart, you can spill all your guts about them on this day!

I was googling some seasonal fruits and February has it going on. Not only are strawberries in season (at least here in CA), but, also, blood oranges! You cannot get a fruit sexier than a blood orange. Combine that into cheesecake batter, throw it onto some pre-baked graham cracker crust cups, and you’ve got yourself some addicting Blood Orange Strawberry Cheesecake Bites. Kiss away at these Cheesecake Bites. Think of it as my Valentine’s Day kiss to you.


Get the recipe below!

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