sk8 of the day

Skateboarding is something you celebrate everyday, everytime you skate you reach a little bit of that freedom we all want. But in this day, everyone wants to skate, even those who haven’t skated in maybe years or those people who changed their priorities and are busy all the time.

This day is to remember those people that skateboarding is always there.

It feels fucking amazing to be part of this comunity and have a day for all of us, it feels beautiful to call you brothers or sisters and have a chat like we know each other since a long time.

Please if you have a chance, take your skateboard and go skate. Feel how amazing is to be part of this.

Being a skateboarder is FUCKING amazing. Thanks for being amazing.

Happy go skate day!


Kick-Ass Chicks: Steffi Lynn Tsai

If there’s anything we love most, it’s girls who can do it all. We came across Steffi Lynn’s work a few months ago, and immediately needed to find out more about her creative process. Originally from Austin and based in New York, Steffi runs her personal brand, Have A Nice Day. As an all-around creative, she encapsulates hand lettering, illustration, design, and photography, all within her own aesthetic. Constantly working on new projects, each work day for her is always different from the last. We hung out with Steffi at the one and only Coney Island, to shoot her in an environment that’s as fun and vibrant as her work.

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