sk8 city


* = Smut

☞Imagine series 

Ethan Dolan 

Not the one for me -finished

Derek Luh

Moonlight love

Nate Maloley “Sk8”

City to City 

Gerald Gillum “G-Eazy”

Let’s get Lost

Jack Gilinsky 


☞Short Imagines 

Sammy Wilkison 

Call me… -requested 

Starbucks -requested 

Do you remember -requested

Too Hot*

“Best friends” -requested 

John Swift “Swazz”

We are young -based off of the song 

Love triangle -requested

Happily ever after -requested  

My sick little baby -coming soon / requested 

Gerald Gillum “G-Eazy”

I Want You -requested

Our baby -requested 

Music to my ears -requested

Dance for me -requested 

Memories -requested*

Last night -requested*

You’re safe -requested 

Jealousy -requested 

Leather -requested 

On set -requested 

Red handed -requested

In the eye of the hurricane -blurb

t.o.d. -requested

Nate Maloley “Sk8”

Sleepy -requested*

Listen -requested 

Hair Tie -requested  

I’ll be here -requested* -ft. Jack G.

Room m8 -coming soon

How it goes -requested 

Shhh… -requested

Walking into love -requested -ft. Norman Reedus

Jack Gilinsky

Rich Boy / pt. 2

i love it -requested 

Switch up* / pt.2

I’ll be here -requested* -ft. sk8


Fool -blurb 

karma / pt. 2 -coming soon / requested 

Your family / pt. 2 -coming soon / requested 

losing you -coming soon 

The Key(s) -coming soon

something real / pt. 2 -coming soon 

Ethan Dolan 

Clues -requested 

Derek Luh

L$D / pt. 2

Nerve -blurb 

brainwashed / pt. 2 -coming soon

cup of joe 

Guardian angel / pt. 2 / pt. 3 / pt. 4 -coming soon  

Grayson Dolan 

Official -blurb 

Little boy -requested 

☞Text au’s 

Nate Maloley “Sk8”

‘Friends’ -requested 



Are you high?

On tour

Sammy Wilkison 

Call me… / pt. 2

Taco Tuesday

Puppy love

Party Animal

Send N00ds

Gerald Gillum “G-Eazy”

Vampire boy / pt. 2 

New York

‘Fangirl’ -requested

Tour life -requested

Out in the open  -requested

Derek Luh

Date me 


I ship it -requested   

Jack Gilinsky

Are you almost home?

‘goals’ / pt. 2 -requested

 Hayes Grier 

Shorty -requested 


Nate Maloley “Sk8” 

Dating would include..  

Derek Luh 

Dating would include… 

Jack Gilinsky 

Dating would include…  

Visiting Paris together…

Sammy Wilkinson 

Dating would include… 

Gerald Gillum “G-Eazy” 

Dating would include… 


Masterlist in your bio/description -submission