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Instructor Maloley

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Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     You knew it was wrong to get involved with a college professor, but there was something about Instructor Maloley that made you weak at the knees. You weren’t even sure if you should call him an professor. Just from the way he taught, how he dressed, and acted you knew Instructor Maloley wasn’t really meant for teaching. He should have been doing something much more than teaching Music 101 to college students. Instructor Maloley was young and most of all he was hot.

It started off with flirty glances and lip biting. You had noticed about halfway through the course that he was flirting with you. At first you took nothing of it, thinking his extra help sessions and friendly attitude was just him teaching you. Now you were positive there was more to it than that. “Please call me Nate,” he had said the last time you two met during one of his office hours. You could feel butterflies bubble up at his words. This of course wasn’t unusual. Usually the professors that were graduate students wanted their students to call them by their first name. Yet for some reason Instructor Maloley requesting that you call him Nate felt more intimate. 

“Want to get a drink with me?” Nate asked, “We could go over what topic you want to talk about for the paper.” He had quickly added the last part, licking his lips and giving you a smile. The room was deserted from students, leaving only the two of you. Your mouth parted in surprise and somehow you found yourself nodding.

“Yeah sounds like fun,” you agreed, pulling your bag up on your shoulder. “Just helping out on my paper right.” you said. The sentence was more for yourself than anything, not wanting to think of actually hooking up with your instructor. Though the thought was hot. Your eyes already scanning over the tattoos that were peeking out from the open buttons of his shirt. “I’ll catch up with you later then,” you smiled, backing your way out the classroom. You couldn’t help but to feel giddy. It was hard to concentrate on your last class when all you could think about was grabbing a drink with Nate. Your daydreams getting in the way until it was time to leave. You had rushed back home after class to freshen up and wait for Nate to message where the two of you were meeting. Grabbing a drink with your instructor was going to be harmless, professional really. 

It seemed somewhat natural for you to just talk to Nate. Not once did you feel nervous nor did the two of you discuss the paper you were working on. Nate was sweet and very charming. It was a bit weird seeing him in a non-classroom setting. His hair being down instead of its usual bun, outfit changed to something more laid back. He had more tattoos than you imagined, arms inked and looking muscly. You tried your best not to stare at his arms, the tension in the room becoming hot as you two continued to talk. “So you rap?” you said in astonishment, not expecting him to say that’s what he did in his spare time.

“Yeah I have about three albums out,” Nate told you.

“Three!?! Wow h-how is it that you got stuck teaching music if you make it?” you asked, now interested in his life story. You had always wanted to ask Nate why he taught. Though he was an awesome person, teaching wasn’t something Nate was great at; it was clear to you that he could use his talents somewhere else.  

“I just want to help other people create music. Help them learn how to study it and reach their goals,” he answered. You nodded in understanding, grabbing the drink that was in front of you and taking a sip. “What made you major in music?” he questioned, subtly moving closer to you. Somehow you found yourself moving over to him as well. The two of you now sitting side by side and shoulders pressing together. Nate bumped his shoulder against yours, raising his eyebrow in question. 

“I love music,” you told him. You noticed his eyes flicker down to your lips then back up to look you in the eye. You couldn’t deny that you had some type of sexual tension for Nate the minute he stepped foot in class. In fact you had mistaken him for a student on the first day of class and might have even flirted with him. The minute you found out that he was actually the instructor you were of course embarrassed. “I enjoy making it and the reactions I get from those who listen to my music is amazing,” you finished in a whispered voice. With Nate being this close it was hard for you to concentrate. You weren’t sure who was the one to kiss the other first. The two of you getting caught up in one another. Adrenaline ran through you as the kiss turned into something more and before you knew it the two of you were at his place. 

     Student and teacher relationships were not condoned. It was highly frowned upon and not to mention Nate could get fired and you could possibly be expelled. With all of this in mind you and Nate had kept what the two of you were doing private. Having sex with Nate felt different than all the other times you had sex. Maybe it was the riskiness, or the fact Nate seemed to have found all your weak spots in such a short period of knowing each other physically, but he made you feel good and loved. 

You were sat atop of Nate’s desk, hands lacing into his hair as the two of you began to make out. Your breath caught in your throat as his lips trailed down your neck. Nate nibbled at your sweet spot and you could feel the wetness between your legs grow. “Fuck me on this desk please,” you whimpered, attempting to unbutton his shirt. It had been a fantasy of yours to have him take you right on his desk. Nate was already your instructor, which turned you on even more, so being fucked on his desk was hotter. 

“We’re on school grounds, I mean kissing you right now puts us at risk of being caught,” he said, letting out a groan when you grabbed his clothed cock. You pouted at his words, hand sliding into his pants and lips sucking at the skin below his earlobe. His body weakened for a second, face nuzzling into your neck as you began to rub his cock. 

“Make an exception please,” you whined, “Just this once, Instructor Maloley.” You whispered the last part, a smirk making its way onto your lips when he moaned. Being called that by you turned Nate on immensely. It was like you were submissive to him, but even now the two of you could tell who was in charge. 

“Fuck is the door locked?” Nate asked, reluctantly pulling away from you so he could lock the door. “You have to be really quiet though,” he said in panted breaths, pulling you into a passionate kiss. “That’s your assignment got it,” he mumbled against your lips. 

“Yes Instructor Maloley,” you moaned. Nate groaned at your words before spreading your legs apart and slipping his hand under your skirt. You tensed in your spot when he ran his fingers over you throbbing clit. It had swelled and made you a bit sensitive to touch. It took him about five seconds to get you undressed. Your lips were swollen from his harsh kisses and your mind was no longer on the class you were suppose to be attending. Nate pecked your lips once before working his way down your body. You softly moaned as he took your left nibble into his mouth and tugged at it. Your breathing had became ragged, sweat starting to line your skin as he inched closer to where you needed him most. 

“You’re so wet,” Nate whispered, running a finger between your folds. He slowly rubbed at your clit, eliciting moans from you. He sunk down to his knees and spread your legs apart even more. Nate wanted to tease you, but knew if you two didn’t get through this quick then someone might walk in on you. The action was quick, his tongue feeling warm against your core. You gripped at the edge of his desk, thighs beginning to shake as he continued to eat you out. “Oh yes Nate,” you whimpered, legs wrapping around his head to draw him in closer. He began to nibble at your clit and you had to cover your mouth to stop the moans from slipping out. These walls in the classroom were always thin and you couldn’t risk being caught because of your loud mouth. 

“I’m so fucking hard for you,” Nate huffed, the air fanning over your clit. Your eyes fluttered closed in bliss as he continued to eat you out. Tongue darting out to play with your clit and occasionally sliding inside of you. You were so worked up, chest rising at a fast pace as you felt your release approaching. Nate pulled away making you whine in frustration. “I’ve got a meeting to go to,” he said, leaning down to peck at your lips. You frowned out words and before he could pull away you grabbed his wrist. 

“No you don’t,” you growled, yanking him closer to you. Nate laughed at this action, lust filled eyes glancing over your naked body. “Besides none of those teachers can fix your boner like I can,” you whispered, starting to pull down his pants. Nate licked his lips, eyes closing shut as you pulled down his boxers to release his cock. “Hmm? I don’t think any of them will give you head and please you like I do,” you whispered. Nate’s mouth opened wide as he felt your lips on his cock. You slowly sucked on his tip, tongue rolling over the head and spreading the precum around. The two of you had chemistry like no other, able to make each other crazy with just a single touch. You wondered why it took so long for him to show up in your life. You hollowed your cheeks and took him halfway down your throat. Nate let out a loud moan, mouth clamping shut and looking at the door in fear. You were going to make him late, but he didn’t care. Being in your mouth was heaven, but where he liked being the most was inside of you. Nate’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip when you began to play with his balls. God he wanted you bad. Whimpers being caught in his throat as you kept up the action. “As much as I’d love to cum in your mouth, being inside of you is what I really want,” he told you. 

You felt warm being wrapped around his cock. Core already clenching around him as he pushed all the way in. You let out a strangled moan, fingers gripping at his shirt. It always felt new when Nate was inside of you. His body molding into yours as he pulled you in closer. Your ass hung off the end of his desk and Nate began a steady rhythm. You were seeing stars and your black colored flats fell from your feet as your toes curled. Nate was fucking you good, the sound of the desk scraping against the floor echoed around the room. Both of your breaths were shallow. Soft kisses being placed to your lips as he worked into you. “Talk to me baby,” Nate whispered in your ear. He sucked at your sweet spot and picked up the pace.

“Right there, Instructor Maloley,” you gasped against his lips. Nate moaned into the crook of your neck. He loved when you called him that, one hand grabbing your thigh and lifting it higher up. You whimpered in pleasure still dirty talking to him. “You fuck me so good you know that?” you asked, “No one else can fuck me like you do.” Nate gave a particularly sharp thrust and you felt the head of his cock brush over your g-spot. It was enough to make your words cut short. The air from your lungs being ripped out of you as he repeated the action. It took all of your strength to not moan out his name. Fingers pulling at his hair and humming out in pleasure. “Keep doing that,” you muttered, beginning to rock back and forth to match his pace. Nate crashed his lips against yours, tongue darting into your mouth and moaning. He was so close to his release and if you kept clenching like you were doing Nate wasn’t going to last very long. 

“I’m nearly there,” he told you, reaching down to rub at your clit. This made you jump in your spot, and you could feel the pleasure intensify. The feeling started at your fingertips and toes, a tingle making your skin feel hot. You softly chanted his name, thighs beginning to shake as your orgasm overcame you. “Yeah right there! Come for me princess,” Nate whispered, still rubbing your clit at a fast pace. You whined in pleasure, head falling back between your shoulders as Nate rode out your high. His thrusts became sloppy and as you continued to clench around him Nate was releasing into you. He pulled you into a feverish kiss to silence his moans, hips rocking into yours to milk the release. After a few minutes Nate’s thrusts slowed to a stop until he was just rested inside of you. Your head rested against his shoulder while you caught your breath. Eyes becoming droopy as exhaustion took over you. “Will you go on a date with me tonight?” he asked, making you smile.

“Only you would ask such a question like after making me cum that hard,” you laughed. Nate laughed at your comment too, finally pulling out of you and making you feel empty at the loss. The two of you were still in the dating phase, but you knew that what you had with him wasn’t just some phase. It would be an understatement for Nate to say he just liked you. Hell he felt more than that and even though the two of you jumped into having sex fast, Nate still wanted to take things slow with you. 

“Me, you, dinner, and then mini-golfing,” he said, handing over your shirt and kissing your forehead. 

“Sounds like a plan,” you smiled, hopping off his desk, so that you could get dressed. “You might want to hurry to your meeting now,” you reminded Nate, glancing at the time on your phone. Nate cursed under his breath, quickly pulling up his pants and grabbing his stuff.

“I’ll call you later okay,” he said, sending a peck to your lips and rushing out the door. You bit onto your bottom lip to hold in your grin. There was only just a month and two weeks left in this course and once it was over you and Nate could date without worry.