I'm not her (part 3)//(N.M)

Y/N changed my life for the better like no one has. I rarely go out to parties seeing as I come home to Y/N. She is the party I never want to leave. But what do I have now. NOTHING. The girl who keeps me sane is not here.

I need to get her back and tell her the stupid mistake I did was nothing. She is my world and I wouldn’t trade for anyone not even Ana.

*1 week later*

*Y/N’s POV*

I haven’t been feeling good this past week. Photos on twitter are being shared and a video. Nate and Ana. Just thinking about it makes me angry and upset. Nate choose her. I’m not her. I planned a doctor visit weeks ago seeing as this has been going on for weeks on end. I receive a text message. Swazz.

To: Y/N
From: Swazz

Y/N, I no what Nate did is unexplainable but he’s a mess without you. Come home. The home you and Nate share together.

To: Swazz
From: Y/N
He’s doing fine he’ll get over it. And that is not home not anymore. Home is were you feel loved and not used.

I know what I said was hurtful. He hurt me more and I don’t think my heart will ever be repaired to love someone again.

I drive to the doctors and wait for my name to be called.

“Is Ms.  Y/L/N here?” The nurse calls out scanning the room which is full of families.

“Here” I stand up and follow her into the one of the examining rooms. Right away I see and ultrasound machine in the corner.

“Um.. excuse me nurse I think I got the wrong room” I tell her as I watch her type in the computer and write on her clipboard.

“No this is what Dr. Nicholas said would be your room. The symptoms you’ve been feeling go with possible pregnancy” she explains before continuing “don’t worry sweetheart I know this is frightening. In the long run it will be all worth it since you will have your baby in your arms. The doctor will be here in a few minutes” she excuses herself leaving me stunned in my spot. A baby. I’m having a baby with someone who is not whole heartedly into the relationship. I’m snapped out of my thoughts as the doctor comes in. Surprisingly he is a young doctor I assume late 20s.

“Hello Ms. Y/L/N” Dr. Nicholas says as he sets up the ultra sound machine.

“Just call me Y/N” I tell him as I fiddle with my fingers in my lap.

“Don’t worry everything will be fine I’ll make sure you and the baby are okay” he says

“Well don’t we have to see if I’m having a baby first” I retort back before apologizing “I’m sorry didn’t mean to come off rude”

“Don’t worry Y/N. It’s fine” he rises up my shirt which I pull back down. “Don’t worry I’m not going to do anything inappropriate. I’ll be putting this gel on to see inside your stomach for any sign of a heart beat.” I gently nod. I feel so foolish even though I know how  this process works from going with my cousin.

“There” Dr. Nicholas points towards the screen. I watch his finger pointing to a nice looking shaped peanut. My peanut. My baby. Tears cascade down my face as I see the screen. Wishing I had Nate by my side at this moment. He can’t find out not when his heart belongs to another.

“I see your happy for the news” Dr. Nicholas says as he prints pictures of the screen.

“I’m happy but sad all these emotions” I tell him honestly as he hands me the printed pictures. My peanut.

“Well I’m sure whatever it is will be resolved in no time” he says as he writes something on his clip board.

“I don’t think so. I apologize if I’m telling you my personal life” I tell him as I remove the excess gel from my stomach.

“If you need a friend I’m here” he writes his phone number on a piece of paper.
“I know this is unprofessional, but you seem upset and need some one to talk about it” he says before leaving the room.

I need someone to talk to and lead me towards the right direction. I don’t know if to follow my heart or leave and never look back. For now I have my baby to take care of. Dr. Nicholas walks back in.

“I forgot to tell you that you are 8 weeks along” he says as he walks back out. 8 weeks. That night when I suspected Nate was planning a very special birthday bash for me. Instead we got caught up tangled in the sheets. A night full of lust, passion, and love. Then 3 weeks later I learn Nate’s talking to Ana again and he forgot my birthday.

I involuntarily run my hand over my non visible bump. I can do this. My peanut and I against the world. And without someone to love them back besides me.


Cyril Roy palmer #8