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Omg Ellie


they were staying at a friend’s house or something while my parents were out of town and apparently there was this one cloth hedgehog or something that ellie adored and it’s squeaky and dhsg;lkaw

and so my parents bought her one and she plays with it (zoey’s not allowed to play with it)

and one time my mom was in her studio and she hears all of this jingle jangle and scuffling and squeaking and she’s like god damn it zoey because zoey’s tags are always jingly and well because zoey but zoey was sitting on her perch like wut mom 

and my mom went to look and ellie had been playing with her toy and making a fuss with it for like ten minutes( ; ; ) 

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that’s weird, i don’t like this omg… :( also i think you need to keep two枚ing because well LOL also i think they’re kawaii, they do good all the time, they’re precious…!!! the day i get back, i’m scanning the rest!!!

yeah i don’t either :(((((( 

yes ok i will i will accept this job and actually do it right for once

yes agreed i’m glad i just started talking at them L O L woops how do friends

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wow that’s what i meant, why did i two??? i meant three!! i only have two枚 so wtf LAE????????? (also remember when two枚)

yeah idgi :(((( even if it’s 2枚+DVD i’m still missing the jokart photoset that i should have gotten :||||

i swear i have a bad habit of saying shit like two-mai and three-man when englishing and i should s t o p

also TATTOO and sato think our purikura (the ONE that i have from phone) is kawaii we did good

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wait what why did she take one of your photocards away???????? wait what when did all of this happen what was i doing??????

i don’t know but i didn’t notice until now!! i was going through my like an edison stuff and i was like wait i should have that photoset for jokart of everyone i was excited for suu (remember i was like ‘ew i don’t want kota’ and then i was like 'wait i think it’s everyone YES’ ??) and then i was looking at the souiumono photos and i was like wait there’s only two here what (´・_・`)