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Freewood, any au, marriage proposal because, well, we're all dying here

me @ me: dont make it office au dont make it office au dont make it office au. 

me: here have it set in the actual video u filthy fucks

Make Your Move

“Let’s fix this problem right now,” Ryan says, and Gavin is grinning so wide he feels like his face might split in two.

“Wanna get married?” He asks, and at the same time Ryan continues with, “Will you marry me?”

“…Wot?” Gavin says, voice flat before he starts giggling. He can hear Michael telling Ryan that he could’ve at least done it in a smoother manner rather than on a GTA video.

“Listen, Gavin and I have been together a few years, why not just propose in a Let’s Play?” Ryan says, and Gavin is shaking in his seat, his laughter silent. “It’s romantic!”

“This is going on the internet you moron!” Michael yells, and Jeremy snorts with laughter, swerving his body along with his character.

“We have editors!” Ryan shoots back, and Gavin squeals breathlessly. Michael just sighs an exasperated ‘Jesus fuckin’ Christ’ as Gavin stammers into the microphone.

“Well, at least we’re on the same page, Ryan,” he says when he regains some composure. “I’m sure that gives you your answer.”

“I wanna hear you say it,” Ryan says, and Gavin cuts his character off, killing him in his line. “Oh, you prick!”

“Yeah, I’ll marry you! Just showin’ you some love!”

Ryan picks up a pen and whips it over the monitor, and Gavin sits up and blows him a kiss. Jeremy and Michael both take advantage of this rather stupidly romantic distraction to cut them both off and kill them.

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10 sentence fic. Freewood (duh). Some sort of historic au. Aaaannddd.... maybe a proposal (what kind I think can be left to you). ❤ theloveandthestuff, home of the most vague prompts

the desire to make this a marriage proposal almost claimed this ass weh anyway here u go sarah !!

It’s Just Business

“I have something to ask of you,” Ryan’s voice cuts through the din of the bar. Gavin looks up at him, idly wiping it down with his cloth. The muffled roar of New York is above them, 1932 passing by them by.

“Ask away,” Gavin drops the cloth and rubs his hands together. Ryan looks quite well dressed, but the man usually does, and his body language insists business.

“I propose,” Ryan begins, walking over to Gavin and leaning on the bar, close to him, close to his lips. “We finally make this thing between us… Official.”

A lump forms in Gavin’s throat, as Ryan takes off his hat and places it on the polished wood of the bar. “How’d’ya mean?”

“Combine our businesses, move in with me. I can keep your alcohol trade a secret, and you can continue to bring patrons in for us both.” Ryan is in his space now, and Gavin is floating away.

“Move in with you? People might talk…”

Ryan kisses him, laughter on his lips. “Oh, darlin’. They already are.”

10 sentence prompts?

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Ayyo, so, Freewood, take your pick of romantic or platonic or anything in between, in FAHC and comfort/safety or something in that area of feelings

this got a tiny bit outta hand bc uh its freewood but i like it


It’s a good thing Ryan doesn’t sleep a lot. He hasn’t been able to for years. He would’ve been far more irritated at the sound of someone knocking on his door of the penthouse if he had been asleep.

“Who?” he grunts, sitting up and taking off his glasses. There’s a soft noise from behind the wood.

“Gav… Can I come in?” And he sounds kinda wrecked. Ryan stands completely, opening the door. It’s been awhile since they removed each other’s masks, since they kissed and never talked about it. Ryan still thinks about that.

“Jesus, you look like shit, Gavin,” he says, stepping aside for him. Gavin looks small and utterly terrified, his eyes bloodshot and breathing a little frantic.

“Jus’ about had the worst bloody nightmare of my life!” Gavin laughs nervously, running his fingers through his hair as Ryan shuts the door. He approaches Gavin slowly, running two fingers down his back gently when he stands behind him.

“What do you need?”

“You,” Gavin spins quickly. “Because you died there, Ryebread, and I never gotta tell you because I’m a mingin’ awkward idiot, and you died and I didn’t tell you.”


“Christ, you make it hard,” Gavin titters again, his hands shaking as they lay on Ryan’s chest. “Ryan, I love you, Ryan and I really shittin’ need you right now.”

Ryan pulls him to the bed, and holds him close. “I love you too… I do, and Gav, I’ll do my best to stay right here with you. Always.”

10 sentence prompts?

Yuri on Ice: On “Love” and what it means.

So, I’d like to take some time to address how Yuri on Ice handles the concept of “love” within the context of the characters’ interactions, mainly Yuuri and Victor, but also in regard to everyone else. It seems like ever since episode 4 when Victor proclaimed that being tough on Yuuri was “how he showed his love”, the word “love” has been thrown around left and right without a second thought. So when Yuuri refers to “Victor’s love” or Victor refers to “showing his love”, what exactly does it mean? Is it romantic love? Sexual love? Friend love? Familial love? Love of the sport shared by coach and pupil? I think it’s both a combination of all and none of those at the same time. It’s something wholly unique that is actually really difficult to pin down. Let’s start at the beginning. 

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for the lil ficlet thing, maybe some fahc freewood with something to do with bruises?? idk im v bad at prompts im sorry

this went vaguely nsfw……..hope thats ok. i aslo managed to keep that at 10!!!!!


Ryan’s looked after Gavin more times now than he can count, patching him up on deals gone wrong, after heists when they’ve escaped to a safehouse to lie low a few days, scraped and bloody and always in high spirits.

He’s seen his fair share of bruises on Gavin’s body. The patchwork of yellows and greens as he heals from a drunken run in. The near blacks and purples after he was taken hostage and Ryan, come hell or high water, retrieved him.

His favourites have to be the ones he leaves with his mouth. He loves how Gavin wears them as a badge of honour, how he flaunts the mark of the Vagabond on his skin.

He especially loves those very same marks reflected on his own skin, the bruises of Gavin’s love and passion for him available for the world to see. He thinks Gavin looks like art covered in bruises like that, and Gavin makes him feel the same feelings for himself.

As they gaze at each other, chests rising and falling rapidly, the darkening marks singing songs of their frenzied night together, they both know. They’re the only bruises they’re okay with seeing on the other.

10 sentence prompts?