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the best thing about this whole dang dress fiasco is the starkids reaction to it

[ENG] 160709 Seungkwan’s Twitter Interaction With Fans

Opening Tweet: [17′s Seungkwan] Today’s Seungkwan day!!!!

Fan: So pretty.
SK: CARATs’ editing skills…

Fan: Coolpis in the morning?
SK: *laughs*

(T/N: Wordplay on DK’s line “I who used to need a morning call in the morning”. Because of way ‘call need’ (col pilsu) is sang very quickly in the song, it sounds a lot like Coolpis)

Fan: (attached picture)
SK: What is this *laughs* Please delete it immediately.

Fan: Simple’s currently playing on my handphone.
SK: You who’s streaming SEVENTEEN’s song is pretty.

Fan: Even though we’re separated, it’s my dream to meet you. Please remember that my love is eternal!!!!
SK: I’ll remember.

cr: jia & kass @ what17says
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anonymous asked:

can you please talk about the evolution of seth x kate's relationship since season 1-3 and how you think its going to continue to evolve? please i'd love to hear your thoughts on it...

NONNIE you came to the right person. sethkate meta is my SPECIALITY. 

ok so season 1. Madie actually answered an ask last night and said this 

 and I think it’s TOTALLY true. Seth and Richie have only had each other for a very long time, they’ve been on the run, been thieves, he was in jail, then escaped. and when he kidnaped this family, he got a look at what a family looks like. that scene where he sees the picture of Kate, Scott and Jacob and their mom and he asks what happened to their mom is so important. Seth craved to be a part of a family cause he never had that. He just had Richie his whole life. I think that’s where his desire to protect her came from, because he was super protective of her all of season 1. 

Then in the finale he didn’t wanna be alone. He just lost his brother, and he truly didn’t wanna be alone, so he accepts Kate’s offer for company, which leads us into season 2. 

season 2 is SO intense even though they were only together for two episodes. there’s 3 whole months we didn’t get to see so we can just speculate really. 

I firmly 100% believe Seth is in love with Kate and vise versa, and this happened during those 3 months. but like Seth is…not very good with expressing feelings unlike Richie who was like “wow KATE I like her!” right away. 

also there’s the whole Kate was shooting Seth up with heroin thing. listen that was put in there for a reason. the way they set it up, that wasn’t suppose to viewed as a platonic thing. cause it wasn’t. it was super sexual. 

We saw him also be kinda jealous with Rafa and then snap at her when he died (he’s nOT GOOD WITH THIS STUFF) 

so it pushed him to push her away which got her killed. and Seth was broken up a lot by her death. honestly “don’t say her name” is legit one of my favorite moments on the show ever just because of the PURE RAW anger in his voice. He wants to protect Kate and her purity and her NAME (we saw this in s2 also when he killed the motel keeper culebra for having a crush on Kate).

so far in season 3 we’ve seen Seth mourn Kate already. When the guy says smth about him “finding his own venom” HE IS SO FUCKED UP cause of Kate saying those words to him. you can see he blames himself and Richie for her death. at the end of 3.01 he talks about how “it’s coming to collect for everything we’ve done” and he’s truly only talking about what they did to Kate. They’ve done a lot of fucked up shit but he truly meant, it’s coming to collect for how we got this innocent girl killed. 

and then episode 2, he saw Kate again…and like….proves that Kate is both Seth’s weakness, yet his strength. He was able to get the strength to beat the guy cause he saw her. and Amaru was dilibeltray playing with his feelings there, you could see it in the smirk (god bless Madie and DJ’s acting) and afterwards all he could focus on was Kate, and how they never found her body, and he KNOWS what he saw. 

after he helped Richie after Amaru attacked him, and Richie was like “that’s not Kate.”, Seth was pretty crushed. 

anyways, as the rest of the season goes, i’m positive once Seth learns Kate is stil in there deep down, he’s gonna be determined to get her back, and go to hell to save her. We know from spoilers there’s gonna be some Brasa/Seth conflict (which i personally can’t fucking wait for) which is gonna be a lot of fun and interesting based on what we see of the Brasa/Amaru relationship and knowing how Seth feels about Kate. I think Amaru is gonna use Seth’s feelings for Kate against him. But Seth is gonna stop at nothing to save her, despite what the consequences may be. 

Robert Rodriguez has been setting this ship up for 20 years. I have no doubts sethkate is canon. this season is gonna be angsty as hell, but it’s gonna prove how much Seth loves Kate and what he is willing to do for her. 

some added bonuses: Robert himself replied to a tweet about sk and said “this season is gonna be especially awesome for you” (nO LIE). Madie is a huge sethkate shippper herself if you check out her twitter she has no chill it’s great. also check out Madie’s s3 Kate playlist (she posted them all on her instagram) a bunch of those songs are definitely sethkate related (nothing’s gonna hurt you baby *cough cough*) 

anyways this was long but this ship is everything to me. DJ and Madie are spectacular and their chemistry is amazing. and to the haters who are saying shit about it, they’re in for a surprise this season.