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drstanakatic: Today (November 17th) is the fictional Birthday of a character I played for 8 seasons.
For eight years I walked alongside Kate Beckett, under the guidance of Andrew Marlowe’s writing. I watched her be silly, be serious, kick ass, fall in love & evolve into her own Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG: Look it up if you aren’t familiar with it. It’s beautiful.). I’ve been inspired by her & by an audience that loved her along with the rest of her on-screen family.

It’s been a privilege to have played a character that taught me so much.
Cheers, all! 🍸

  • I was thinking about Shitty at Harvard and wondering if any of his new friends there (“"friends”“ being people that he hangs out with, not necessarily people that he really likes, I mean I’m sure he finds one or two people who aren’t assholes but whatever that’s not the point rn) know about his Samwell friends, esp Jack? 
  • Like Boston is a hockey town and I was thinking that he wouldn’t really advertise his friendship with Jack because he’d be worried about assholes trying to make nice with him just so they could meet Jack Zimmermann
  • So anyone who was around him enough would just hear him talk about his friend named Jack who he played hockey with in passing and they’d be like oh okay whatever good stories etc 
  • BUT ONE DAY ONE YEAR the falconers win the cup 
  • Shitty’s gone the day of the game and no one thinks about it much until he comes back the middle of the next day super hungover and everyone is like "what the fuck happened to you” “oh I was just out with old friends from Samwell it was wild" 
  • And well they are Harvard kids they aren’t stupid I have to give them some credit so someone connects the dots 
  • “wait you have a friend named Jack right” “yeah” “from Samwell?” “mhm” “you played with Jack Zimmermann at Samwell do you mean to tell me that you just fucked off to watch the Stanley cup final and party with Jack Zimmermann” “yeah” “are you for fucking real" 
  • because yeah Harvard is a lot of rich kids who know celebrities but being legit friends with one with like its nbd is something else entirely, especially bc he never brings it up or brags about it?? like he treats his friendship with Jack like a normal friendship and they just? don’t understand??
  • he won’t even ask Jack for autographs for them or if he wants to meet them?? and they’re like…the fuck????????
  • and idk some of them are probably assholes about it bc rich white kids, what can you do, but i’m sure he’s got his squad of people who are cool and maybe they meet Jack at some point
  • they probably just show up at Shitty’s apartment one day and Jack’s sitting there drinking a protein shake and Shitty’s wearing nothing but Christmas boxers even though it’s still October and Shitty’s just like “oh hey guys this is Jack” and they’re all a little shell shocked but it turns out okay