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Karin Uchiha.
Shit.. she is so damn beautiful 💕❤
My Queen 💕 I love her design a lot.

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By devinart: songjikyu


Cosplays of 2013

So yeah this year was my 3rd year cosplaying and it has been one of my most active years cosplaying. I jumped head first into my first crazy fandom (dangan ronpa) and started cosplaying that. I made my first monster hunter armor set cosplay and entered it into a masquerade. And I dressed up like a girl. Again.

Overall, It was a ton of fun, met loads of new people, and enjoyed pretty much every moment of it! Can’t wait till 2014 comes around, I have sooo much planned for it.

Photo credit is in the photo descriptions

Cosplays shown:

Barioth X Armor set - Monster Hunter Tri- Ultimate

Objecthead Monobear - Dangan Ronpa

(also pictured is shineko as Monomi. I also made her object head)

Yamada Hifumi - Dangan Ronpa

Byakuya Togami - Super Dangan Ronpa 2

(also pictured is suicidalaradia as Ibuki Mioda)

Futatsuiwa Mamizou - Touhou Project

(also pictured is carefree-kappa as Nitori, I dont think the others have tumblrs.)