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ASTRO for haru*hana vol. 43

Q. What was a memorable incident during the (album’s) production process?
For ‘Baby’, we collaborated for the first time with a dance team called 'SK!LL2’ so we challenged ourselves with a choreography of a new style. Since the choreography was completed two days before we filmed for the music video, the time we had to practice was short and we tried our best to show a good performance.
Moonbin: For the first half we included gentleman-like actions while in the second half we incorporated ASTRO’s own fancy choreography through jumps, etc.. We can’t hold ourselves up in midair so matching the detailed parts through jumps was the hardest. But the new choreography differentiates itself from our past dances that had strong and big movements so we were able to dance comfortably.
MJ: Practicing (for this song) wasn’t harder than it was for our past songs. It was fun too.
Eunwoo: I think that because our teamwork improves with every song we put out, the time taken to perfect the dance has gotten shorter. It hit me that we’ve released 4 mini albums so I was overwhelmed with emotions.
Rocky: It wasn’t originally in the choreography but I thought about how we could have others enjoy themselves so I talked over it with Sanha and we decided on doing 'rock paper scissors’.
I won most of the times. I don’t think it’s because I’m good but it’s just that Rocky hyung sucks at it (keke).

Q. If you had to pick your best stage amongst the music broadcasts you’ve went on?
Our comeback week was of course memorable. The stages for M! Countdown and Show Champion were so cute that it would’ve made you wonder if they were sets for a music video.
JinJin: During our pre-recoding for M! Countdown, a lot of fans came out despite it being at dawn so that was unforgettable.
Eunwoo: We had a music video produced for us as a special edition when we made our comeback on The Show. The filming was fun too.
MJ: It’s our Dream Concert stage for me. It was the first time we appeared after making a jump. We felt a little uneasy during the rehearsals but we did a good job during the live so it was enjoyable. Though it was a little scary to be honest (haha).
Sanha: When we performed our last stage for Baby’s promotions of Music Core. AROHAs filled up the audience area and cheered for us with their loudest voices.

Q. You’ll be holding a concert in Osaka and Tokyo in August.
We’re preparing a stage that everyone can enjoy. There’s nothing that’s been finalised but I hope that we can perform a Japanese song.

Q. Following your new concept, if you could set up a store that is only yours?
I want to open a cafe. I’ve worked part-time at a cafe before and it was really a good experience. I want to create a cafe like those you see in fairytales with staff like Eunwoo and pets like Sanha (keke).
Eunwoo: I think a multishop that offers you things that have never existed till now would be nice.
MJ: Daiso!
Moonbin: Don Quixote!
Eunwoo: No (kekeke)! There are several factors so I want to make something new.
Sanha: I feel like you’ll have to pump in a lot money.
Eunwoo: You can invest (keke).
JinJin: As for me, a clothing store. I want to select the brands that I like and then sell them. I like street fashion and there are several styles that I want to try wearing so I’ve recently been studying up on fashion.
Sanha: A game cafe for me! I do like games but more than that, it’s because it seems like I’ll stand to profit from a business point of view (keke).
JinJin: You can earn a lot of money then invest in Eunwoo (deke).
Rocky: As for me, a place where children can play. If both of the children’s parents are breadwinners then they will be left alone after school. I want to create a space where those kinds of children can play. There I’ll drink my coffee and rest up.
MJ: I want to set up a cafe like the dream store from our music video. I want to take pictures with fans if they come or serve them coffee.
Rocky: What if nobody comes?
MJ: I’ll probably be looking out the window as I drink my coffee alone… (laughs)

Q. Then like the theme of your album’s title, what dreams have you dreamt of recently?
It’s a dream that I dreamt of the day before we filmed for our music video, the director said to film MJ nude (laughs). It was so realistic that I told MJ hyung about it after waking up in the morning. But we didn’t film him nude.
MJ: Why am I filming nude! I really dream a lot but I forget about them when I open my eyes.
Rocky: I really don’t dream. I take after my dad so I sleep as though I’m passed out (laughs). Ah, but a few years ago I dreamt that when it was just Bin-ie hyung and I alone, the practice room collapsed and a monster came out from the basement. In that dream, Bin-hyung was attacked and I helped him (laughs).
Moonbin: It’s a dream that I dreamt of during the period we were preparing for this album, I dreamt that the members and the plane we were on avoided from nearly crashing into a huge mountain several times. I think of it as a dream with a meaning that even though we might be faced with a difficult situation, we should overcome it and come out of it more matured.

Japanese to Korean by @Babyblue_223

Translations by @99pmh​
Take out with full credits

SK 30 Days challenge

Day 1. When and how did you discover Shaman King?

I remember when i came back from school in 2005~ I was like 6 years old? and I was always soooo excited to watch it, i knew the opening and all xD like: “¡¡¡LA RESURRECCIÓN!!!” (?

and i discovered sk thanks to my brother, he was watching it one day and i joined him and i liked it a loot so, we used to watch it together :D AND WE REWATCHED IT TOGETHER AGAIN 12 YEARS LATER LOL and i convinced him to read the manga muhaha (? anywaay, that’s what i remember :o !! OH I WATCHED THE LATIN SPANISH DUB, IT’S SO GOOD!! but then i decided to watch it in japanese too a few months ago, AND IT’S SO GOOD TOO <3

and omg i was so in love with Yoh (still) (?

SK 30 Days Challenge >:D

Day 3. Favourite Spirit character(s)? and why? 


HE’S THE CUTEST SPIRIT EVER (along with my other favourite) he’s just so loyal to Yoh and Hana and ahhh isn’t he just adorable when he watches a movie in the cinema?? he would do anything for their masters not because of his duty as a samurai or something but because he sees them as his friends <3 #spirit goals (?)

MATAMUNE *cries a little*

This beautiful cat it’s— i love him a lot, he helped my kids Yoh and Anna so they could be together, and his relationship with Hao– IT HURTS aHH IF I SAY TOO MUCH i might spoiler someone so- bye and love this cat


I think he’s cool and stuff, and wise and hot af in his human version (?


this spirit doesn’t talk but he is Yoh’s so (? gains a place in my heart

SK 30 Days challenge❣❣

Day 4. What made you love Shaman King? What made it stand out to you?

Okaaay so first of all, it brings me good memories of my childhood, and I like animes related with souls for some strange reason?? 

Also, awesome characters, they are all so funny and it’s weird to don’t like a character, the story it’s so original, like Shamans? wtf? never heard of it in another anime, it includes a lot of culture from around the world which is something I personally love :’0  ♥ , the philosophical part that it actually teaches you something about life and it helped me a lot during these times in college, idk, watching / reading it just makes me happy i guess (IM SO DRAMATIC) but it’s true uwur

the manga it’s beautiful ;n; i cry everytime AND MY CANON OTP


i mean wow

SK 30 Days Challenge :’D

Day 2. Favourite character(s)? and why?

*cracks fingers*

ANNA KYOYAMA aka. queen 

okay i love Anna because i like her personality, she isn’t afraid of telling everyone that she loves Yoh unlike other girls in anime, also she feels pure love for him–LIKE PUREPURELOVEOMG??? he saved her from everyone’s thoughts since she could read minds and all, but she was capable of love and ovecome that, she is strong and can defend for herself, OMG EVEN GOD it’s afraid of her and that’s cool af, also ?? to everyone saying “she just wants to marry Yoh so she can give her an easy life” fuCK YOU- and let me tell you something–  the future Anna have everything but an easy life, she formed her own family (probably one of her dreams since she was abandone), AND she can’t even pass her days in peace with her family– and still, she stays by Yoh’s side, despite not having “an easy life” because of the love she feels for Hana and Yoh ! ! ! 

YOH ASAKURA aka. pure boy protecthimplease

OKAY?? HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE THIS PURE BEAN? he gives these good vibes that everything is going to be alright when in fact– NOTHING GOES ALRIGHT, NEVER–, but he still tries to be calm, he sees the good in people and would do anything to save his friends and family, ANYTHING, he’s so unlike other shounen protagonists and that’s why i love him, he don’t try to play hero like “YES I’M HERE I’M POWERFUL I CAN DO ANYTHING” nooo- he has flaws and he knows that and just— bless this kid bye AND LET HIM LIVE A PEACEFUL LIFE HE DESERVES IT

HAO ASAKURA aka. dumbass

omm actually Hao it’s kind of an asshole but he’s lovable still, he’s a badass dork who loves cats a lot and he’s a good uncle yes

HANA ASAKURA aka. my otp’s son

he’s my otp’s son why would i hate him

besides he’s cute and a dork –he didn’t have a lot of development in FLOWERS tho, but i’m sure we will see him grow up to a good boy (? someday D:! 

why hao’s hair red idk