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Hmm… It’s very, very difficult to say, but… But I guess the first three pictures are a little bit different from the others, just a little bit. ’-’

UMM, NO!  -.-“ 

Sasuke is absolutely disgusted with any other physical contact he had with a girl, but Sakura. Just look at his gentle look in the fourth picture! That’s one of the moments when he started to feel a powerful feeling that he hadn’t felt for a while, and that’s the feeling of truly beign loved by someone. He realized how much he means to Sakura and he started to treasure her more and more. Every single physical contact he had with Sakura brought them closer and, this way, their feelings for each other developed more and more. 

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Hello. I've been reading your answers and found several times that DaeHyun has "whitewashing selfies" then is "whitewashing himself" and I don't understand it. For me whitewashing means like to change yourself to appear closer to Western/White culture or such ... Can you explain to me more in details? Or some selfies of him that can illustrate it?

HELLO Yes okay, So Jung Daehyun is a very tan Korean man, VERY golden crisp beautiful man, but has been dragged by nizteins and fans alike for being too tan, so he deletes selfies on pictures to brighten the lighting or exposure which makes his skin look paler cause in SK pale = beautiful. And Daehyun strives to make his fans happy :/ 

He has Master fans that literally go out of their way to make him paler, fans have commented on his selfies on iG that he was too tan, he’s been told multiple times that he was too tan and so thus he started to whitewash himself to be more handsome(?) and too appease fans

Without filters/his natural skin tone is honestly beautiful and bright and gorgeous and he just looks amazing honestly 

but in recent pictures he’s been putting heavy filters on them to brighten the exposure which makes him look like this 

and honestly it hurts a lot of fans because he has to reduce himself to lighten his skin tone for his fans and 90% of the time it’s really off putting, don’t get me wrong I love him and he looks good always but a lot of us prefer his natural skin tone but a lot of Korean fans are not and it’s just awful that he has to filter out his tan skin in his own country to feel better about himself/make fans happy and it’s just gross that it happens. 

I don’t think he does it to appeal more to western looks or whatever but more so because he’s literally been told he wasn’t good looking without his pale skin and thats just really fucked up. 


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Stana Katic: “ATP: Where do you want to go today?” Presentation | Talks at Google  (x)

I live in Los Angeles, traffic already suck, people joke in LA about how dating someone on the other side of town can be a dealbreaker, because who wants to do long distance. Can you guys imagine what a population surge in that city is gonna look like. 

League Explanation

A/N: If you don’t know what I’m talking about please refer to the CEO series (ongoing) here

The League, if you’ve been living under a rock, is the confederation of tentative alliances between the biggest and most powerful companies in Korea. The aforementioned are generational, family-run chaebols and they are all in competition with each other despite this feigned unity.

Most members are older men with sons waiting impatiently in line to rise to the throne. There is one woman on the board, however, Mrs. Kang Soo Hyun, owner of SK Beauty, which owns the smaller companies Rosie Toni and Paradise. Other members include Mr. Kim Minho, owner of Lifelong (LL) Electronics; Mr. Lee Sonyong, owner of Maua Automobiles, and Maua Manufacturer; and Mr. Kim Ong Jong, owner of Captain Industries. Many successful businesses have tried to make their way through the iron-clad doors of the League, but have failed to meet the high qualifications.

Who will try next? Can the League survive being run by these medieval thinkers? Will these old bitter men ever forgo power to their children?

Slowly but surely the tide of the League is turning to the younger generation as Min Yoongi took his father’s place as head of AGN corp. this summer after his father’s death. Since his time in office, Mr. Min has made many radical changes to the company including hiring more foreigners to create a more internationally capable business and setting-up twice as many press conferences than his father. These changes are rumored to have stirred heated arguments between Mr. Min and the League, though this has been unconfirmed as the League’s Head of Public Relations, Mr. Lee Dong Hyun, denied this when asked about this-this previous Friday. Another point of critique for Mr. Min is his inability to settle down; over the past year, he garnered himself as a playboy among all the popular tabloids. This criticism comes from the fact that his father, Min Yoon Joon had already married Mrs. Min Yoona before stepping up to take the reigns from his father. This playboy attitude of the young Mr. Min seems to have stopped abruptly as he took his father’s place and he seems to have disappeared from the club scene. But this history of frivolousness also brings to question his skill as a leader and head of the company, and in the League’s eyes, these radical changes simply confirm the naivety and frivolous attitude of Mr. Min.

One thing is for certain, Mr. Min might just be what the League needs to survive in this new century, but he will have to be resilient against these old-fashioned men.

  • Kim Soo Hyun, Seoul Times