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Soooo. Got a few messages letting me know of recent events. That supposedly Sasuke and Karin have a kid now. Lol. WOW. 

To be honest, I haven’t been following this story at all, nor do I really care. But I’ve been waiting too long for Kishimoto to draw adult Karin, so… I was at least pleased to see that.


so anyways i saw This Delightful Post today and i couldnt stop thinking about me and @elsaclack‘s b99 spy kids concept,

[amy, without looking up from her phone: “take them off”

jake: “admit it babe, u were attracted to my bad boy charm and mysterious allure –”

benji: “dad. please take them off.”]


“Dude, we’re good. You just scared the damn shit outta me.”

If Vanoss sends sad penguin pics at Delirious whenever he tries to shit-talk him, there’s no way he wouldn’t try to apologize for this

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