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NEGATIVITY… BILl cipher deserved whats coming to him HAPPY BILL IS DEAD DAY go punch a dorito to celebrate–

what did i ever do to anybody huh nothing!!!

im just a triangle trying to save you from the delusions society gave u

gravity’s a lie

so is t eh sk y…

so what if i tried to destroy the multiverse!!!  im just here on this website trying to have a good time like anybody else…

ive literally… never donea nything wrong…. ever in my whole life….


Seventeen’s reactions when they watch a funny moments montage of his idol gf


“She is so cute, I can’t even…”


“my Y/N is adorable.”


“what is she even doing?”


thinks to himself *pretend like you don’t know her Jun. pretend like you don’t know her.*


MC: “We have a surprise for you Hoshi! We are now going to watch a funny moments montage of your girlfriend, Y/N!”

Hoshi: : “Oh. Joy.”



*enjoying it a bit too much*



“How did she even make that sound. Is that even possible?”


“How does one even do that?”

“Hihih.She’s funny”


MC: “Now we are going to play a funny montage of your girlfriend, Y/N!”

SK: “Please don’t’..”


“Hahahah did you see that? She was like..*gif*”


“She is funny.”

  • Stephen King: hey, remember that book you liked?
  • me: yes?
  • SK: remember the main character, the really cool kid with the special powers?
  • me: yes!
  • SK: would you like to read a sequel about them?
  • me: YES
  • SK: a whole new adventure. and now they're all grown up!
  • me: YESSSS
  • SK: and everything is sad now!
  • me: ye-wait, what?
  • SK: yeah, remember all that amazing potential they had?
  • me: y-yes?
  • SK: WASTED! haha, but srsly, their lives are a mess
  • me: no
  • SK: most the people they knew in the last book are dead!
  • me: noooo
  • SK: and they're still REALLY fucked up about that stuff I put them through. y'know, where things kinda looked like they turned out okay? haha, SURPRISE, no, that shit was traumatizing.
  • me: whyyyy
  • SK: look, do you want to read it or not?
  • me: just take my money, you sick bastard
Friendly Miracle

[Request]-mine: Arthur X Reader Where She Is His Wife And Is Terribly Ill And He Fears He Might Lose Her But Merlin Does Something To Help Her

Title: Friendly Miracle

Fandom(S): Merlin Bbc

Pairing(S)/Relationship(S): Arthur Pendragon X Reader,

Merlin X Arthur (Friendship/Favor)

Warning(S): Very Little Mild Violence, Language, Magic!Reveal

Pov(S): Reader, Arthur

Word Count: 1691

Summary: You Are Arthur’s Queen, His One And Only True Love. Because Of This You Were Cursed By Morgana. It Was An Illness Than No Mortal Eliqusor Could Cure. You Were Fading Fast, Nearly Gone When Suddenly… Merlin Comes To Arthur And Tells Him Of A Magic Spell That Can Save You. This Is When Arthur Declares The Outlaw Of Magic, Discarded!

Note(S): So I Used Italian For The Spells, I’m Going To Start Doing That If Their Are Spells, But If I End Up Using A Different Languages I’ll Tell You!

Y/N: Submit Your Name

Y/Sk/C: Submit Your Skin Color

Reader’s POV:
I stood next to my beloved husband and king, Arthur, as he had called our entire kingdom of Camelot to attention. The wind blew generously at only a simple breeze. His sunlight hair danced lovingly over his forehead, and just under the rim of his crown. His blue eyes glowed with pride and happiness as he looked upon the great people of our kingdom.

I looked to my left, standing there was Merlin, Arthur’s servant… No, he was far more than a servant, he was a dear friend, the two were different sides of the same coin. Not only was Merlin my friend as well, but also my saviour. I remembered it like it started yesterday…..


I was strolling through the woods on the outside of Camelot, taking in the breath depriving view. I stopped as I saw beautiful jade colored flowers and bent to observe them. “Come here, Leon, you have to have to see these flowers, I’ve never seen them before.” I called to my escort, a dear friend of me and my king. But I got not response. “Leon?” I called again, but no answer.

Instead I could feel a cold presence upon my back which sent shivers of fright down my spine. “Not even close,” a female voice whispered into my ear. I was frozen, unable to move as a maniacal laughter erupted softly into my hearing.

The women grabbed my wrists with twice the force of a man and spun me around. I was taken to my back on the dirt and I looked up at the woman standing over me.

Her hair was black as a ravens wings dipped in tar. Her eyes were emerald green, dark, hating, filled with greed and jealousy and malice. Her face looked pale, ill, and deprived of light. She wore a forest green gown with a black tattered cloak covering it. She looked down at me with an evil smile. Her eyes glew orange and I felt a vine snake around me, tying me still, unable to move. I knew then who it was. I had never seen her myself, but Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, and the knights had told me of her many times.

“Morgana.” I shakily let out as terror and anger filled my being.

She smiled again, an evily devious smile that burnt to the back of my skull. “So, the royal bitch knows my name.” She teased as she began to circle me. “The one who sits on my rightful throne as queen of Camelot, that pathetic excuse of a kingdom.”

“Please, Morgana, I wish for no illness between us.” I tried to convince. “Please, let me go. I swear to keep from Arthur that you were here!” I pleaded.

“Well well well, looks like Arthur has chosen a coward as his wife. Begging for freedom. Why don’t you fight?” She asked holding her arms out.

“I do not wish to fight. With you or anyone, I only wish peace and bringing together the world. Please, I do not wish to quarrel with you my lady.” She huffed at my honesty.

“Wow, your half as pathetic as Arthur and his oaf of a servant Merlin.” She looked at me and waved her hand. The vine released me and I stood to my feet. “Come on then.” She threw a sword to the ground in front of me and beckoned me to pick it up. “Go ahead, you can be free… If you can make it through me.” A glint of cleverness flew over her eyes.

“Lady Morgana, please, I do not wish to hurt you.” I wailed but was obviously unheard. She continued to stand waiting for me to give in.

“Have it your way then.” I announced and picked up the blade, charging at the woman. I stopped. I looked at her, her eyes were orange. My throat began to clench, along me unable to breath, my blood boiled and my skin crawled. My ear rang with the sound of a thousand banshees. I gripped my throat as I fell to my knees.

Morgana looked at me, hatred filling her completely. “Let’s see how Arthur breaks, when his precious wallflower shatters piece by piece with an illness of which there is no cure.” Her voice became angered, strained, and with a hint of….. hurt. Her eyes glew a brighter orange as she lifted her head. “ La malattia senza cura , messo giù su questo mortale in modo che lei possa conoscere la morte prima del tempo.” She repeated a few times.

My lungs began to feel like sand paper, my veins cloting, throat closing. I felt like death itself would bestow upon me. Then everything began to fade to black, as I saw her smile menacingly…

Arthur’s POV:
Weeks, it had been weeks since the sighting of Morgana, and the I’ll falling of my beloved queen and wife, Y/N. She laid there motionless other than thrashing around every few hours from what seemed to be a nightmares. Her Y/SK/C was deathly pale and incredibly hot to the touch round her face and chest, and ice cold everywhere else. Her brow glistened with sweat and blood came from her nose, ears, and mouth.

I simply could not halt crying even for a moment. I knew my wife was very, very sick. I knew I would soon lose her, yet I was not ready for it in any sense. I had sent Merlin and Gaius to find a cure, but Gaius found none. She was doomed. I was doomed.

“ARTHUR!” Merlin’s voice rang loudly, echoing through the halls capturing me from my tearful daze. I looked to see him run in with a rather odd looking book in his hands. “Arthur. I found a way to save her!” Merlin smiled at me. Did he think this was humorous to mock me so?

“Merlin, Gaius already said there was no cure.” I cooed and turned back to my young wife, my wife, too young to be dead.

“Right, no mortal cure!” His words made me snap my head quickly. “We searched for days for a potion, a blessing, a spell to save her, and finally we found one! It’s going to save her life Arthur!” Merlin’s smile was wide, and it was no task to realize his truth.

“Where will we find a sorcerer who would take such a task?” I stood walking over to him. He remained silent as his eyes left mine and his smile disappeared.

He walked over to Y/N and set the book down next to her. He hovered his hands about two feet over her body, one at her head, the other near her heart. I saw him close his eyes d take a deep breath. “Vita.” He commanded. The flames on the candles erupted for a split second, and then… Y/N’s body lifted a few inches off of the bed.

“Merlin?” I called, but he didn’t flinch his concentration. I walked over across the bed and saw a sight I had never anticipated… His eyes shone a bright orange. This couldn’t be…. Merlin couldn’t be a…… Could he?

He began to look at the book and speak an incantation. “ Spiriti della vecchia religione , posizionare una benedizione su questa donna in modo che lei possa vita respirare ancora una volta. Benedici lei in modo che lei può vedere un altro luce del giorno . Portare la schiena a noi.” He spoke softly. “ Spiriti della vecchia religione , posizionare una benedizione su questa donna in che lei possa vita respirare ancora una volta. Benedici lei in modo che lei può vedere un altro luce del giorno . Portare la schiena a noi . ” He became a tad louder and the floor shook. His eyes grew brighter and brighter with every word. “ PORTARE LA SCHIENA A NOI . VITA” He yelled as what seemed to b modo e as loud as he could, and everything stopped, yet only for a second. Then… WHOOSH! Everything blew clear across the room, even Merlin and myself.

But, the following noise distracted me from everything. I hears her sweet voice once again. “Arthur?”………


Reader’s POV:
Arthur snapped me from my daze and I smiled at him. “Ready?” I asked and he took a huff of breath in, nodding his head a single nod. I looked out upon the audience and signaled them to quiet. “My wonderful people of Camelot, as you well know, I was not long ago, very very sick from the curse of which Morgana cast upon me. But as you see before you now, I am very healthy and safe. How is this, you ask. Was it a cure? No. Was it dark magic? Absolutely not! It was light! It was a light in the universe that has brightened this world many times before, but never one sought award or remembrance for it. Ladies and gentlemen, there isn’t only evil magic in this world, there are many of whom strive to do good with the gift they were given. Now, my husband, your king, has a proclamation to announce.”

I turned and smiled at Arthur, walking back to take Merlin’s arm in mine. He wore one of Arthur’s even outfits. I looked upon him and silently thanked him.

“People of Camelot! My father, Uther Pendragon, former king of Camelot. Was stricken by grief and guilt, as my mother died in my birth due to the demand of balance in magic. This blindness which hazed him, drove him to outlaw and ban magic with punishment of no less than death. I am happy to announce that in my last few days I have learned magic can be good!” He beckoned to Merlin displaying him to the kingdom. “This young man, Merlin, has saved my wife and your queens life, using magic! So on proclamation of Camelot and by the power invested in me, I knight thee, Sir Merlin! Court sorcerer of Camelot! And from this day forward… Magic is welcomed!” And the crowds erupted into roars…..

i’m going to be leaving on vacation in seven hours & will hardly have the time to be on here, even for a little. so ! does anyone have a or sn*pc/h*at they’d like to add me on ?? i may make a, but we’ll see. ( ✿ ●  ω● )ა━☆゚.*・。  ??

First Kiss Fumble

[Request]-Mine: For crazyfangirl4633
Imagine Arthur walking in on yours and Merlin’s first kiss.

Title: First Kiss Fumble

Fandom(s): Merlin BBC

Pairing(s)/Relationship(s): Merlin X Reader -x- Arthur

Warning(s): Fluffy fluff, kiss scene, secretive relationship

POV(s): Merlin

Word Count: 1043

Summary: You and Merlin had been secretly courting for about six months, when he finally takes you on a midnight picnic to The Lake of Avalon. You have a romantic candlelit dinner and… your FIRST KISS! It is wonderful and amazing and purely magical, until Arthur falls out from behind a bush from where he was spying.

Note(s): I loved doing this one! It was so adorable to imagine. I could literally play it out because there is a river that forms from the ocean at the campground I stayed at, so I used that as my scenery! So inspirational, plus writing this helped me sleep better!

Y/N: Submit your name
Y/E/C: Submit your eye color
Y/H/C: Submit your hair color
Y/SK/C: Submit your skin color

Merlin’s POV:
Finally the day had come! The day I got done with chores early enough to plan a wonderful date with Y/N for our six month anniversary. She had always told me of her dream midnight picnic on the shores of Avalon Lake, and I was going to give her just that! I had told her to meet me at the edge of the forest near the lake at precisely 11:30.

I stood over the place where the blanket laid out, three plates of delectable food on top of that, centered by two romantic setting candles. One plate consisted of her favorite, open flamed pork seasoned with sage, rosemary, and some other spice I couldn’t pronounce the name to. The other held her favorite fruits, fresh, purple grapes that are usually made into wine, however I had been able to snag a few from the royal garden; fresh strawberries bathed in sugar and cinnamon; and finally, gorgeous orange wedges peeled, and filled with delicious juice. And the last plate served dried tomatoes dressed in a white wine, lovely string beans steamed to a soft texture, and few slices of bread fresh baked and covered with freshly churned butter. Rose petals surrounded the outer edges of the blanket creating a soft, romantic aroma in the air. It was perfect, exactly how she described it would be. The moon was full and the water was sapphire blue.

I gave out a sigh of relief and satisfaction and then I heard a rustling in the bushes and Y/N’s voice calling for her horse to stay. I ran into the small path to meet her before she reached the clearing. When she came into my view I stopped. “Hello beautiful.” I looked down at her and smiled. She looked more gorgeous than ever, though I hadn’t the slightest idea how that was possible. Her Y/C/H hair curled into gorgeous waves and her eyes shone Y/E/C in the light of the moon. Her Y/SK/C skin glowed in the darkness, lighting my entire world.

“Merlin, why did you bring me out here at such an hour? ” She asked quietly. “It’s nearly pitch black outside and it’s absolutely freezing.” She put her hands on her shoulders and rubbed them to keep warm. I took off the fur cloak I wore and threw it around her.

I looked down at her and wrapped my arms around her waist. “I have a very special surprise for you my love.” I looked deep into her Y/E/C eyes, that filled almost instantly with anticipation. “But you have to let me blindfold you.” She looked at me with suspicion, but agreed none the less.

Once I placed the blindfold over her eyes, I placed a kiss on her forehead. “Just follow my lead.” I whispered into her ear and she gave a small devious smile and bit her lip. I led her along the path out to the clearing near the lake.

“Alright Merlin, can I see now?” She asked putting her hands out in front of her trying to feel around.

“Yes, you can take off the blindfold.” I whispered and then stepped away from her, guiding myself towards the blanket. Her eyes opened wide, looking as though she would soon be in tears…

*Two hours later*

We had just finished eating when Y/N crawled over, climbing into my arms. I heard a rustling in the bushes so I looked back, but nothing was there. I shook of the eerie feeling and returned my attention to my beloved. I looked down at her as she rested her head on my chest. I had never been happier in my entire life. “Happy anniversary my dear, I love you so much.” I leaned down softly calling to her.

She looked up at me and smiled. I pulled a stray curl from her face and placed it behind her ear. “Happy anniversary, Merlin. I love you too.” I looked down, simply gazing at her lovely face, her gorgeous presence, her soul was absolute perfection. I huffed at the thought of how a man like me could simply hold such a woman as her. “What?” She called. “Is there something on my face?” I looked on her skin, there actually was a trace of strawberry left on the corner of her mouth.

“Yes, allow me to get it,” without thinking of what I was doing I leaned over and slowly, intimately, licked the piece of berry of the corner of her mouth. I could see her blushed cheeks in the candlelight. I remained close to her. I didn’t realize until just then, that we had never shared our first kiss. I looked up into her eyes, searching for the permission. Though I was no mind reader, I could translate the desperate need in her eyes.

I began to lean in, very, very slowly, I looked from her mouth to her eyes, to her mouth again, and needingly pushed my lips firmly against hers, my hands reached up to cup her delicate cheeks and her arms locked round my neck.

The kiss was amazing, and so long overdue. It was beginning to grow more intense when suddenly, “Ouch!” A manly voice called and a loud thud startled us.

I jumped up, grabbing the meat dagger in my hands. I motioned her to stay back. Walking over to the figure whom was shadowed by the night I heard a familiar voice ring in my ears. “That’s going to leave a mark.” I heard my king say as he stood.

“Arthur?” I called. It was him! Had he been spying? “Arthur what the hell are you doing here?”

“Well Merlin, I saw you so happy to be let off early, then later I saw Y/N sneaking out of the castle. I followed her and found you two here snogging! Is there something you and my ward would like to tell me?” He sent questioning glances between me and Y/N who was now at my side.

I looked to her and she nodded, so I took her waist and took a deep breath. “Arthur, Y/N and I love each other………………………..”

(Sorry bout the ending, wrote it late while very very tired, and scared because something was lurking about outside my tent, do here you go)