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Celebrity AU; Celebrity Victor having a big deep crush with Cameraman Yuuri. On Reality TVShow Victor often looking at Yuuri's camera more than other camera. He wink, smirk, blow kiss. No one know that action was meant for Yuuri, not his fans. Though his celebfriends, personal makeup artist Phichit who is Yuuri's best friend, and obviously Yakov, his manager know about it. On their 1 year anniversary (3 years since they met) Victor propose with his friends help. But the world never expect that.


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Ok, so you said that any merperson could reproduce no matter the gender, right? If in the future Viktor and Yuuri end up having a kid, what would they be like I wonder? Also, I FRICKEN LOVE THIS AU SK MUCH may I repost on insta? I'll credit you and all that as well. If not, that's ok lol.^^

Viktor and Yuuri are still far from the having babies phase but


that lil purple bub is Erik– but his parents call him Eri-chan/Erya.

He’s a tiny lil thing that’s pretty much glued to his parents. He’s either swimming super super super close to them or is is their arms.

Yuuri made him this cape out of a seal Viktor had hunted to keep their presh baby warm.

And sure thing =3=

Summer Storm


Prompt: This combines a number of summer vacation prompts I’ve been sent. All will be credited at the end of the one shot. 

Summary: The gang (along with Josh) head to the Minkus’ family beach house for a week of fun in the sun. On their last night in town a storm hits.

Pairing: Rucas, ft. light Smarkle + Joshaya 

Word Count: 3390

○ ○ ○

The Minkus family own a holiday home in Malibu and by home, I mean an extravagant mansion right on the beach. The family however, barely use the house despite having owned it for a number of years. 

Although, when Stuart has company business to handle over the summer in Malibu he sees it as an opportunity to use the facilities. Considering he’d be mostly out and occupied with business he urges his son to plan a vacation around it with his friends. 

Eventually all five friends manage to convince their parents to allow them to go on the trip and they were all off on a Malibu adventure in a matter of days. On first arrival at the mansion, everyone - with the exception of Farkle, whom is used to its grandeur - is blown away by the sheer size of it all. 

Riley immediately finds herself spinning in the grand entrance, her eyes dancing around the room as she tries to absorb every beautiful detail of the building. 

“Whoa,” Riley stops her twirling when she catches a glimpse of the lavish chandelier hanging above her head. 

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“How well does the spell work?”

“Pretty good, I think. Every time I attempt to walk out of the circle my body starts to heat up.”

“Good, good. Well, that’s not exactly what I was reaching for but I guess that’ll do.”

“What were you looking for?”

“I was trying for spontaneous combustion.”


taekook series #1: jungkook and taehyung fall in love, then fall apart* 7/?

*I am starting a couple of instagram/social media au series based off of my youtube videos. The link to the video is provided above.


Juvia and Natsu in my Spirit AU! (Shaman King inspired)

Natsu can shift his weapon into different abilities of the 12 zodiacs. Lucy is a Stellar Spirit. His medium is a small key shifting into a weapon
Juvia can shoot lances from her wings and create ice weapons with her medium. Gray is an Angel Spirit(precisely Demon spirit disguised like an Angel). Although Juvia’s wings are fairy-like it was because its her choice and revealing angel wings would diminish great amount in her power. Her medium is a butterfly brooch.

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So how did Sarada come to be in the SKS AU? Did Sasuke want to unite the Uzumaki/Uchiha clans with Karin thru Sarada? Or did he just want to help two friends?

WWWEELLL one of sasuke’s dreams was always to bring back his clan–and although he couldn’t bring back itachi, fugaku and mikoto, he considered taka and team seven his family. however, after the whole stupid Cursed Destiny thing he was pretty disinclined to have any of his own until karin and sakura asked for his help with their baby. it had the added bonus of merging uchiha and senju bloodlines and hopefully negating any destiny nonsense too. (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Been drowning myself in nostalgia to cope with certain events over the last few months, which translates to 90s cartoon bingeing. This bro’s shenanigans blew my mind as a kid, and I definitely remember him best out of all the cartoon villains save for the Joker.

Saw they have a kickstarter going for this show. I’m super torn about it since I know all of the glorious 90s shit’ll get replaced with whatever they do for action cartoons nowadays, but I always wanted more episodes. Idk, even tho it was made by different people I kinda feel like Megas XLR was the accidental spiritual successor to Swat Kats. So, I’ve taken to treating it like 2000s AU SK season 3 & 4 starring Guy Fieri as T-Bone, and then I’m not as sad about early endings for either show.


so anyways i saw This Delightful Post today and i couldnt stop thinking about me and @elsaclack‘s b99 spy kids concept,

[amy, without looking up from her phone: “take them off”

jake: “admit it babe, u were attracted to my bad boy charm and mysterious allure –”

benji: “dad. please take them off.”]

fem au. shitty literally never shuts up about free the nipple. no one asks her to put on clothes anymore ever unless they want to hear a 25 min rant about free the nipple. they all agree, it’s just such a long rant. if she has her laptop with her, she’ll include a powerpoint. shitty wearing sundresses and nothing underneath. hockey player b shitty knight whose parents wanted her to dance or do gymnastics or something. pls add to this.