• Trevor: Let's say you haven't eaten for days and you're in desperate need of a sandwich. What do you do?
  • Aleks: I walk over to the kitchen and have James make me a sandwich
  • Trevor: Okay yes but James isn't here
  • Joe: Where's James!?
  • Trevor: It's not important where he is! He's gone. He left the country.
  • Joe: He left the country? Why? Is he okay!?
  • Trevor: Yes. He's fine!
  • Aleks: Well if he's fine I don't see why he couldn't have made me a sandwich

My subconsciousness is trying to coax me into accepting shou as my son???
I keep having dreams about him and in those dreams i see him and im like…. My sweet rough son. What a troublemaker. I love him dearly.
And i cry explaining ppl why i love him so much???
I never really cared for shou that much but…. Now im starting to rly like him??