I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again:

You cannot challenge racism, on this level, by being nice to and reaching out to white supremacists.  Their entire ideology revolves around dehumanizing us.  It just does. not. work.  

You cannot fight fascism by prioritizing the feelings of fascists and letting them think they’re safe around you.  You don’t “get them on your side”.  Because treating them kindly and respecting them, gives them your silent approval and access to those of you who are way more vulnerable than you are and who cannot afford to feel safe enough to “debate” with these monsters. 

Our humanity is not a question or a debate topic, and by giving these people a platform you legitimize their views and help spread them to a larger audience. 

Something tells me that people who think that I’m property or an animal aren’t going to be “won” over by “friendly debate”.  I don’t know, it could be actual history.  But you know, lets wait and see.  We can sit down and have drinks and debates with these people in comfy chairs while they’re defending our murders and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be moved to at least “try” to see us as people. History only shows they’ll just get more and more comfortable and be framed as more palateable while the people who oppose them will be framed as “extremists”, but yeah, lets pretend that’s not the case.   That has got to be some of the most ridiculous bit of “logic” i have seen in a while now. And calling for “respect for people” while openly disrespecting me pretty much shows who you think counts as “human”.  But they never seem to think about that when they’re telling we’re too “hostile” to the freaking white supremacist. 

We spend our lives having to be around people like Tomi (and not just in straight white conservatives, white liberals, and white gays especially, have been just as bad)  and there never seems to be a proper time or place to tell them, “NO.  YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE”.  And the people who say we’re supposed to trust them?  They never do it.  They never call these people out.  But when we do it?  Here they all come to tell us how we’re doing it wrong and how we’re “inventing outrage” (i didn’t know you could be a part of the “outrage machine” for being angry at a white supremacist but that’s typical liberalism for you).  We can’t do it offline because they’re our bosses, our teachers, our cops, sometimes even our “friends” and “family”.   But when we express frustrating with people applauding someone (who has regularly made fun of the very people she constantly attacks) for giving a white supremacist a platform and then drinking with her and tweeting praise for her and welcoming her back, we still get people jumping in to try to browbeat and disrespect us into “respecting” the damn racists.  Its ridiculous.  Because these liberals can’t even figure out how to respect us, but somehow we’re supposed to reach accross the aisle.

Like when you’re utilizing violent stereotypes to make a black woman look angry and “melodramatic” and are actively arguing with people of color while saying that the folks who dehumanize us deserve “our” respect, that kind of shows exactly why people have lost respect for liberals and white allies in general.  Because even in regards to white supremacists, the feelings of the offenders are more important than shutting down their message and making sure the people they attack don’t feel like they’re alone.  

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Hello, guys. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but in my beloved, you’d think civilised, beautiful country, located in central Europe, Poland, the basic human rights are about to be taken away from women. Why is that? The Polish government, inspired mainly by the Catholic Church (that has definitely too much power in Poland), has created an anti-abortion project. For now, abortion in Poland is legal in case of rape or if the mother’s/child’s life is in danger. If the anti-abortion project comes through (which is very likely) the situation of Polish women will change dramatically:

- aborting a pregnancy that has started because of rape will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- aborting a pregnancy that endangers the mother’s life will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- aborting a pregnancy in case of a fatal disease of the fetus will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- the project says that whoever puts the woman in a situation of a probable miscarriage could be charged of 3 years in prison, which in practice means that some of the medical exams (like the prental exam which helps to indicate if the fetus is healthy) could not be available because of the doctors being afraid of going to prison,

- it all also means that men could get easily away with rape, since the women would be afraid of going to the police in case they got pregnant and didn’t want to give birth to the rapist’s child (which they will now be forced to do),

- also, on the side of this project, the Catholic Church wants to make in vitro even less available for families struggling to have children, since apparently “it’s basically just killing unconcieved babies” (?? fuck logic),

- what’s more, they’ve recently withdrawn chemical contraception for women from the pharmacies (things like spermicidal gels, liquids, creams, vaginal suppositories) cause they’re apparently “dangerous for women’s health”, so now the only contraception available without a prescription are condoms,

- don’t even get me started with the level of sexual education in Poland which is basically non-existent. Recently, just this week, a 12 year old girl gave birth to a child. A 12-yr old!! She had sex (they said it was consensual, but who fucking even believes this shit) with a 29 year old man. The doctors said she didn’t even know what was going on during the labour, she of course had to have C-section because her body was obviously not ready to have a baby at such young age. There are so many cases like this.

- all of this is supposed to “help” with the demographic decline and to “encourage” people to have more kids. Let me tell you something - if anything this encourges me to is to not have babies  a t    a l l.

Let me also show you some of the social media responses of “pro-life” activists and give you a glimpse of what kind of shit Polish women have to deal with:

“If the pregnancy started because of rape, the only victim is the child that can lose its life.”

“If abortion is such a dramatic decision to make, it’ll be better to not let women make it. To ban abortion.”

“Womanhood is all about being in service of life. Women/female MPs who are against life, contradict their own womanhood.”

“All of these women screaming that “their belly, their choice” [should know] that the life in their bellies belongs only to the child. Selfish women, assassins like during Holocaust. You just lend your body to give new life. You should be happy you were not killed. There should be no abortion.”

“Abortion is barbaric (…) and it will be remembered as equally bad as genocide and gas chambers.”

I found these in 5 minutes. Women are treated with no respect, they’re believed to be stupid and not fit to make decisions about their own bodies. Men leading our country (most of them are very religious) want to decide about what we should do with our bodies. Please, help us. Spread the word. We are trying to fight this, but we’re in the minority… The world needs to know!!


Guys, if you wanna help, there’s a petition to sign!!


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