• Same feminist:*thinks she gets to decide if misandry is or isn't real*

Alright so second and last day of H&V FF in SJ, I’m just gonna skip right to the OUAT panel. Note that my memory is a bit terrible when I’m having a ball and I was honestly too busy laughing at our lovely cast being goofballs during the panel. Some might also be out of order. For anyone who was there, sorry if I recall incorrectly. :( Also sorry for the shit pictures of the panel. I’m a very wee girl with an average camera phone D:

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Spoilers from HVFF San Jose (8/27 - 8/28)

Here is a compilation of spoilers from today’s various Arrow panels at Heroes and Villains Fanfest! All info will be sourced from attendees.

  • Episode 5x07 will be titled Vigilante. (x)
  • Echo Kellum states that Flashpoint may bring back some currently dead characters, though the circumstances of that are still unclear. And, according to Stephen Amell, Episodes 5x03-5x05 will deal the most with Flashpoint’s ramifications. (x)(x)
  • Earlier in the day it was hinted that one of those ‘brought back’ characters may be Tommy Merlyn (played by Colin Donnell). (x)
  • Katie Cassidy on the possibility of Laurel returning/being resurrected in present time: “It’s TV and with this universe anything can happen.” (x)
  • Paul Blackthorne has shared a lot of scenes with Willa Holland so far this season. (x)
  • Thea will be a valuable asset in Oliver Queen’s mayoral office. Willa Holland says that her knowledge of all aspects of Oliver’s life, as well as her experience working with Laurel at CNRI in Season 1, make Thea well-suited to the job. (x)
  • David Ramsey’s Two Truths and One Lie: “Oliver and Felicity are together at the beginning of the season”, “Malcolm is now a part of Team Arrow”, and “the Lazarus Pit is not destroyed.” (x)
  • In relation to a question about Earth 2, Stephen Amell says this year we may see a version of Oliver that “isn’t committed to the idea of being the Green Arrow.” (x)
  • Oliver Queen’s son, William Clayton, may make a return in an upcoming episode. The storyline about the relationship between Oliver and his son has not been fully addressed. (x)
  • Oliver and Felicity’s dynamic in Season 5 can be described as a ‘partnership’. When asked whether the two characters may have kids in the near future, Stephen teased that the audience should pay attention to Season 5 - though this may be an allusion to the William storyline mentioned above. (x)(x)
  • Episode 5x04 will feature Diggle voicing “strong opinions” about the new members that have been recruited to Team Arrow over the hiatus. (x)
  • Katrina Law isn’t sure if Nyssa al Ghul will make a return to the show. (x)

“The Friends in Switzerland” with Leeteuk and Ryeowook, full episode 4 with English subtitles.

“The Friends in Switzerland” avec Leeteuk et Ryeowook, épisode 4 entier avec sous-titres Anglais.


A collection of recent pictures of our Grey Warden cosplay progress, featuring myself and @panicatthedeathclaw. Your can see the rest of the pictures on Facebook, and I’ll have a progress video compilation after San Japan.

@cithaerons reblogged your post “i wish i had a term to describe this kind of shitty racial pop-culture sj discourse that i hate so much like the whole…”

#you know how many fucking (white) ‘sj’ ppl’s debates around racial issues i have seen which are literally just people copying and pasting#things poc have said/written which supports their side of the argument#and/or just copying links of op-eds/articles written by poc supporting their side of the argument#so they can say they’re not 'talking over poc’

The tryhards that do this think theyre acting humble as possible and are reducing themselves to simply a messenger for the “authentic poc” voice but in fact it (and most examples of people making humility a performance) is the complete opposite and basically extreme arrogance. The tryhard ally thinks they have emptied themselves out of the debate and are merely a medium for the ‘true voices’ but this is clearly not the case because there is a consistency in which poc they quote. No tryhard ally will ever quote Thomas Sowell on race simply because he’s a poc so obviously they are still making their own judgements to some extent. 

But they want to conceal this, both from others and themselves so as to preserve the feelings of moral self-righteousness. So they pretend to merely communicate the words of the true voice of poc. But in pretending to have removed their ego from the debate they simple make its presence much more felt than if they were to be old-fashioned and simply said what they were thinking. They simply have an instinctual knowledge of how to differentiate the “true poc” from the false voices and turn whoever they quote into a mere instrument and really an expression of how they (as a white ally) are so knowledgeable when it comes to these matters

I Had A Wonderful Time At HVFF SJ & NP Party This Weekend With Fandom Friends & Meeting All the Celebs.

Thanks to everyone I meet this weekend and chatted with. I am truly blessed to be part of an amazing fandom. We all may have our ups & downs but we all love the same thing, our show & our couple. Highlight of my weekend was hanging out with my ladies & talking to Pretty Ricky. He was adorable. Swoon!!!