I just learned a few things I didn’t know before.

I learned that thousands of people came together to protest suppression of information, and bring an organization’s questionable practices into light.

I learned that thousands of people came together to literally fuel a revolution in a genuinely oppressed nation.  When that government even tried to shut down communication among its people, the people found support worldwide that created lines of communication via third party servers, and instructed citizens on using dial-up modems and amateur radios.

You know where those people came from?  4chan.  7chan.  Anonymous.  I knew a lot about what people from those places have accomplished, but I hadn’t known of the extent to which they had gone, and I had no idea that they helped liberate a nation from a dictatorship.  And do you know what I saw in videos and photos from these events?  Human beings of every stripe.  Not just “obese, cishet white neckbeards in fedoras”, but women, minorities–equal fuckin’ representation.  A Guy Fawkes mask only covers so much.  It hides enough of a person’s identity to protect them, but it doesn’t hide diversity.

(Sorry, I just really love the fact that someone brought a Dal doll to a protest)

^ There are probably more people in the image above than there were at Dashcon, for fuck’s sake.

This made me think about a lot of things, but mainly about the kind of people who call themselves “activists” and “feminists” on this site.  Some of them even wear the label of “social justice warrior” as a point of pride, not realizing that this label is a negative one created to designate the kind of people who (unfortunately) give the face of activism a bad name.

What the fuck have these young “activists” done for anyone?  These same people that even tried to start shit with 4chan on multiple occasions?  What have they EVER fucking accomplished?

A couple of people tipping over a garbage can at a parade?  Ooooh, scary.  That totally helped someone somewhere, I’m sure.  Meanwhile, Project Chanology (unrelated to Operation Egypt) arose in the form of thousands of people across the entire fuckin’ WORLD.  Australia, Israel, the U.K., the U.S. - some of them in spite of their personal differences, like Israeli and Pakistan people in Tel Aviv holding each other’s flags as they stood together for a common cause.

Fuckin’ tumblr “activists” send anonymous death threats to women who don’t identify as feminists, victim-blame rape victims, try to get people fired from their jobs over drawings, harass cartoon writers for not writing characters according to their personal headcanons, and spread false accusations of sexual assault as though it’s as lighthearted as calling the people they accuse “doo-doo heads”. 

After taking in the information that I have recently, I am just that much more incensed about the morally bankrupt little fuckweasels that act all high-and-mighty on this godforsaken, lice-infested armpit of social media while they not only accomplish absolutely NOTHING, but also gleefully ruin innocent people’s lives just so they can feel worthwhile for two seconds (as opposed to actually being interesting enough people for anyone to give a fuck about otherwise).  They constantly use positive events as soapboxes to drag others down–whether it’s a national holiday, or even an unprecedented win for LGBTA rights.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  They’ll make it about women, or they’ll make it about whatever pet cause they’ve adopted (or rather, appropriated) on that particular week.  They even cry about wanting to “protect” children while being completely in denial of their own unacceptable behavior, or the fact that they’re often far worse than the people they’re complaining about.  Being angry and perpetually offended has become a trend.  It’s a replacement for having a damn personality.  It’s a way to get notes and popularity for these people, and that’s it.  They’re all “Kill all men!”, “Buy my cute shirt that bashes people for their sexuality!”, “This world would be better off without white people!”, and “ALWAYS BELIEVE RAPE VICTIMS!  Unless they don’t call themselves feminists, in which case they’re probably lying about being raped, and just want male approval!!!”.  Meanwhile, the very people they love to demonize most of all HELPED OVERTHROW A FUCKING DICTATORSHIP.

Fuck all the “social justice warriors” and “feminists” on this site.  They’re not in this for justice.  Not at all.  Channers may be a chaotic element with a history of disruptive behavior, but at their best, they are what “social justice warriors” only PRETEND to be.

Are you tired of those pesky anti-SJWs replacing your posts with minorities and women because “it’s the same thing”?

Well, guess what.

We’re tired, too.

We are tired of having to repeatedly explain why prejudice is not suddenly ok when you decide it’s directed at the “Right” person

We are tired of having to repeatedly explain why comments about mass murder are not ok just because it’s directed at the “Right” person

We are tired of your incredible mental disconnect.

We are tired of you.


That voice, top kek

  • Parts of Tumblr:*drives away x-kit guy*
  • Parts of Tumblr:*demonizes Markiplier*
  • Parts of Tumblr:*accuses John Green of pedophilia*
  • Parts of Tumblr:*sends death threats to minors based on being cis or white*
  • Parts of Tumblr:*separates and divides itself into hate communities based on color of skin or sexual orientation*
  • Parts of Tumblr:*too lazy to do a five second Google search to discredit bad information*
  • Me:And yet some of you are still up your own ass and don't see a problem?

anonymous asked:

Forcing social justice into video games isn't going to make the industry any better.

  • Some developers are choosing to make their games less misogynistic and more diverse, either because that’s what they want to make as artists, or because that’s what the audience wants to see. 
  • Some critics are voicing their displeasure with misogynistic games and bigoted, hateful communities, and wishing for things to be better, because that’s what they - and a large portion of gamers - want.
  • Some writers are praising more diverse games because they enjoy them, and condemning bigotry and harassment in the community because they believe it is harmful and wrong.

These are the kinds of things most gamers would refer to as “social justice” happening in the gaming world, but where do you see forcing anywhere in there? It’s all volitional - nobody is forcing anybody else to do anything. 

People like you always say the dreaded “SJWs” are “forcing” things, but can never really come up with a real example. The closest I’ve seen is this idea that developers will feel “forced” to have diverse characters or something, because of the “demands” of gamers and critics. Sorry guys, but that’s just consumer demand. You’ve been on the winning end of that for a whole lot of decades now, having your every desire and whim catered to, often to the detriment of the medium. So it’s pretty disingenuous for you to now claim that consumers getting what they want is the poor developers being “forced” to do something.

People like you say things like that (”forcing”; “censoring”; “shoving down our throats”) because, as always, you’re trying to portray yourself as a victim. If people are just doing what they think is right and that happens to be different from you, or if people are just doing the same capitalistic supply-and-demand thing that’s benefited you so much, it’s petty and childish to be mad about it. So you have to concoct this conspiracy - where a feminist cabal is wielding unimaginable power to bend the industry to their will - so that you can see yourselves as underdog warriors fighting oppression, instead of the selfish, whiny babies you really are.

The SJWs sent me a folder full of rare Pepes but when I opened it I got over 30 viruses

Is this what you call social justice?

I’m not so sure this is about feminism anymore.

In case you haven’t heard from my numerous previous rants or the Internet in general, DC has just decided to cancel what could’ve become one of the most iconic variant covers ever. The cover, which featured a grinning Joker pointing a gun-shaped-hand at an understandably horrified Barbara Gordon (donning her badass new Batgirl attire), seemed to “trigger” people all over SJW-run places like Tumblr, Kotaku, and even Twitter. These outraged social justice warriors, ever the ones to call for peace and equality, demanded the cover be removed from existence or else they would write a very, very angry letter to DC filled with bad words and tears. The artist of the cover, Rafael Albuquerque, was so overwhelmed that he asked DC to pull the cover, which they promptly did.

So why exactly were people so upset about this cover, depicting a maniacal villain being, well, a maniacal villain? In Alan Moore’s 1988 classic graphic novel The Killing Joke, the Joker essentially shoots Barbara Gordon, paralyzing her from the waist down, and then strips her clothes off and forces her father, James Gordon, to view giant pictures of his naked, wounded daughter. The Joker does this, of course, because he is fucking crazy. He has always been fucking crazy, but it is believed that this particular instance was the very moment that made readers realize just how psychotic the Joker really could be.

Flash forward to today. Twenty-seven years later. Since then, the Joker has torn his own face off, harassed Batman on multiple occasions, and blown up a 15-year-old boy after brutally beating him. In other words, the Joker hasn’t exactly been a good guy during his 75 year run.

But this – this variant cover of a man (although Batman himself has questioned many times whether or not the Joker is, in fact, a man) holding hostage perhaps his most notable victim – this is the thing that pushes SJWs overboard. Why? Because it’s triggering. Because it’s misogynistic. Because it’s degrading toward women.

Never mind the fact that Harley Quinn – Joker’s long-time girlfriend – was in a physically abusive relationship with the bastard, and never mind the fact that the Joker killed Jason Todd, a fucking fifteen-year-old child, and never-goddamn-mind the fact that an innumerable amount of vicious, violent acts have occurred within the Batman and DC universe… no; none of those things matter. And why not, I ask? Why should this variant cover which takes place twenty-seven years after one of MANY violent DC events suddenly be the thing that triggers SJWs?

Because it isn’t about feminism. In fact, I don’t think it ever was.

Nowadays millennials seem to enjoy the act of complaining. More often than not they have every right to complain. This goes triple for women. We are living in a male-dominated society, and that sucks. It needs to change. Fortunately there are strong and important people, both female and male, who are trying their best to make a difference, but I’m not entirely sure Social Justice Warriors are among those people. In fact, I’d say SJWs care about social justice as much as PETA cares about animals. Because this variant cover has absolutely nothing to do with feminism, or women’s rights, or anything of the sort. If it triggers you, good. You should be scared of the Joker. He is an absolute mindless, soulless, heartless villain in every single sense of the term. Everybody should fear him. The fucker is barely even human, and he has always been portrayed this way.

So why the hell should we make an attempt to portray him any differently? Why should we tone down the most infamous, alarmingly evil baddie of all time? If I read Stephen King or a particularly chilling story that really fucking gets to me, I’m not going to ask the author to remove it from existence – I’m going to gain a ton of respect for him or her, because it takes a ton of creativity to forge and invoke that fear; that sense of dread and terror. This is not a depiction of the Joker even remotely sexually-harassing Batgirl, but rather an image that conjures the horrors the man is capable of, and that is something to celebrate. That is art. This is a cover that could have been one for the books (pardon the pun), but the goddamned Social Justice Warriors of the World had to step in and complain and destroy just that: a piece of art.

Keep in mind another thing SJWs strive for is a censor-free society. The irony burns the tongue.

This is not feminism. This is not social justice. This is whine-a-rama. This is “I want my opinion to be heard!” The Social Justice Warriors are not unlike the Westboro Baptist Church in that they are purely extremists who stand for essentially nothing while prancing about claiming to stand for something good. They want only to be heard; they seek only attention. They just want to win, even if they’re so unfathomably wrong. Everything they do anymore is selfish, inane, absurd, and nonsensical, and the absolutely worst part is that like a spoiled brat at a toy store they will not stop bitching until the rest of the world sighs and says, “Fine.”

To all feminists, anti feminists, sjws, whatever the fuck you are

If you advocate for any of the following:

  • (cyber) bullying
  • doxxing
  • death threats
  • saying facts are wrong because it hurts your feels