Jontron: The PS4 is Retarded. Zoe Quinn isn’t anything that worth getting angry at, but the journalists are. A lot of the time, men are portrayed savagely in games. SJ is the new bullying.

SJWhiners: That’s not true, you literal problematic Cis, het, able-bodied, white, fat, awful, garbage, smelly, bigoted shithead, sexist, shiteating, pissbaby, neckbeard, ableist fuck who will never be loved by another human being and who doesn’t deserve the animals he clearly adores.

If you think this, admittedly heightened, reality simulation is good, or that’s it’s okay to harass people, any people, because your opinions are different to theirs, let me tell you

If you have to resort to those kind of tactics, to spamming a Hashtag on Twitter because you don’t like someone or their opinion, what kind of cause are you fighting for. When you’re so far deep into that mire of hypocrisy that you’re doing something that you moments ago decried other people for doing because they were against your opinions you are doing your cause more harm than good.

I would love an equal world, but with these….people, that is less likely than before. These people are either the school bully with a new net handle, or a collection of confused and very bitter people who believe that the world owes them a cushy time, free from things they don’t like.

It doesn’t owe them shit.

All those insults up there? All taken from the #IStandwithJontron hashtag on twitter, even if you think that his use of the word Retarded was a bad thing, it’s far outweighed by the shit these SJWankers have been slinging at him.

If you really want to help women in gaming, go vote on The Fine Young Capitalists page for the game you want to see, or go support them on indegogo.