Re-defining more terms!

We’ve all seen the (sex/rac/cissex)-ism line right? 

“Sexism = power + prejudice” which is what some dumblr fem like to use as a means to justify their misandric bullshit.

Here are some terms I’ve decided to define utilizing that template. (Does this mean I’m appropriating sjwhiner culture?)  

They’re listed in no particular order.

  • Fat Acceptance = Laziness + Greed
  • Oppression = Inconvenience + Victim Mentality
  • RadFem = Anger + Daddy Issues
  • Thin Privilege = Advantage + Better Health
  • Male Privilege = Y-chromosome + Life
  • Male Feminist = Male - A backbone
  • Gender Studies = Degree - Education
  • SJW = Underachiever + Free Time 
  • Misogyny = Women - Pedestal
  • Egalitarian = Feminism + Men’s Rights Movement - Insanity
  • This is Thin Privilege = Echo Chamber + Obesity
  • Fat Shaming = Perception + Over-sensitivity
  • Intersectionality = Oppression Olympics + Oneupsmanship
  • Body Positive/Body Acceptance = Bodily Respect - Thin/Fit Bodies
  • Cultural Appropriation = White people + Traditionally Non-white things
Tumblr Social Justice 089

This is your remedial SJ-course before progressing to 101.  

Please read the following closely, class!

When discussing an event, individual, or concept:

Race is never an issue…… unless they’re white.

Sex is never an issue…. unless they’re male.

Orientation is never an issue…. unless they’re straight.

Gender identity is never an issue….unless they’re cis.

Class is never an issue…. unless they’re better off than you.

Appearance is never an issue…. unless they don’t meet your standards of attractive.

Relationship status is never an issue…. unless they’re single.

Tone is never an issue…. unless it offends you.

Grammar and spelling is never an issue….. unless they make an error.

“You cishet-male, white privileged piece of shit!  You’re just mad because you never get laid and hate all women!  Why don’t you take your fedora off, it’s obviously cutting off your circulation because you used a semi-colon incorrectly!  Don’t you fucking tone police me you fucking fucker!  You have NO idea what it’s like to live in this world at a heteroromantic demisexual polytransaturated ethnicqueer multiple system!  It’s not my job to educate you!”

100th Post Spectacular!

Bust out your Patriarchy Party Hats and Oppressor Overalls because it’s a celebration!
A big thank you to all of my followers (278 at the time of this post) for reblogging, liking, and commenting on my posts.  

And a bigger thank you to  my haters!  Please keep it up and angrily reblog my stuff!  I’m not blocking any of you so far, so your commentary will show up in my notes so I can enjoy your fat/feminist/sjwhiner tears!

In honor of this occasion, I’ve implemented a couple changes to the blog and some plans going forward!

  • There is a special section specifically chronicling tales of my oppression under the “Oppression Diaries” tag, which is now a lovely clicky on the left!
  • I’ve also added a “Top Shelf Oppression” tag to help showcase my personal favorites/big hits on this tumblr
  • After debating it back and forth, I will be leaving anon off because I’ve yet to get anything useful from it.  That being said, I will continue to keep messages ~mostly~ private.  You can always request that I keep a message private and I will honor that, with exception to hate-mail/typical sjwhiner irrationality which will likely by mocked in a public manner with some sassy gifs in there.
  • Recognizing the popularity of some recent posts, I will also be attempting to add one entry a week to my “Oppression Diaries” series, but I make no promises.

Thanks again and let’s see what fun and tears are to be had over the next 100 posts!