it’s annoying when people talk about how representation has gone “too far” and their argument is like “what’s next?? a trans schizophrenic immigrant lesbian?? an adhd bipolar physically disabled bisexual?? a japanese-american ocd nonbinary asexual??” and it’s just like. all those people exist. i’ve met all three of those people–one of those descriptions is of me!–and the fact that it’s ~pandering~ to have characters like that really proves that you can only be marginalized one way at a time before people start calling it ‘excessive’. who i am isn’t too much for representation! if seeing a disabled person, a mentally ill person, an lgbt person, a person of color—or, yes, ALL OF THOSE THINGS DESCRIBING THE SAME PERSON— is REALLY enough to bring you out of the story, that sounds like a you problem. because those people exist in real life, and we should exist in fiction too.

the absence of a gay character in a work of fiction is not homophobic. the absence of a non-white character is not racist. the absence of a transgender character is not transphobic. the absence of a disabled character is not ableist. the absence of a female character is not sexist.

the absence of a character belonging to a minority group in a text does not make said text inherently opposed to a minority group.

a text is homophobic if it promotes violence towards homosexual people. a text is racist if it promotes violence towards people of the same race. a text is transphobic if it promotes violence towards transgender people. a text is ableist if it promotes violence towards disabled people. a text is sexist if it promotes violence towards people of the same gender.

Buzzfeed - “This is why objectifying women is wrong”

Buzzfeed *5 mins later* - “Lets see what guy has the best crotch bulges”

chubby lesbians are cute. fat lesbians are beautiful. butch lesbians are amazing. hairy lesbians are radiant. trans lesbians are gorgeous. unfashionable lesbians are superb. older lesbians are powerful. lesbians who aren’t considered attractive by society are brilliant. you don’t need to fit the standards of what men find “hot” in girls to be valid as a lesbian, a girl out there is going to think you’re the best person she’s seen in her life and that’s what matters.

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