Yup. This is real. #sjsuwalkout #stopthefees #sjsu #csu #sanjosestate #risingfees “Student Success Fee”?? Wtf is that? Want us to succeed? Give us some of our money back. Pay the faculty what they deserve to motivate them. Upgrade the buildings. Stop making us struggle and them expect us to focus on studies. Stop feeding all the money to athletics. FFS. #studentpower (at San Jose State University)

Day 119. Today students at SJSU had a walkout to protest raises in their tuition and the way their money is being handled. Major props to the students who actually participated and walked out. But I’m not going to lie, it’s really frustrating and upsetting to see them be ignored by their own peers. Here, the students walked through the cafeteria in the student union and some of the students having lunch looked at them like they were crazy. I would hope that more students would be upset that their tuition is going to be raised another 800 dollars. Well, for those who participated, that was cool. They spoke out, talked smack to the president and had a discussion afterwards. Of course this is only the beginning, I hope to see them continue this until administration gets rid of these ridiculous fees. #sjsuwalkout #365 (at San Jose State University)