long time no art lmao (been busy w college decisions- im goin to sjsu in fall!!!)

black paladin allura is all I want in life and a blessing upon my family, a shred of light in my dark hopeless world, a gift. Black paladin allura saved my life and watered my crops, freed my village from the plague 



I’m about to graduate San Jose State University in May and I’m opening up commissions for two reasons:

1) To have some steady cash to keep me afloat and pay my rent

2) Unfortunately, my Financial Aid went kaput in the last semester and I had to max out a credit card in order to pay for it! 

So my goal is $1000 USD to pay a portion of my card and my rent! 

Ideally, if everyone wanted painted backgrounds, I’d say I wanna do 10 Slots, but the reality of it, I may do 15-20 or more depending on what everyone asks!

So here’s a break down of the pricing:

For Mugshots (Shoulders Up): 

$15 USD for flats

$40 USD for cel-shading 

$75 for painted. 

Extra characters $5 for flats and cel-shade, $15 for painted!

For Half to Full Body: 

$30 USD Flats

 $80 Cel-Shaded

 $100 for Cel-Shaded or fully painted with a background! 

Extra Characters will be $15!

I’m willing to do just line work or black and white too for a cheaper rate!




Hate Speech

For questions and inquiries, submit to my ask HERE

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So happy to share that earlier this month I graduated from my undergrad institution with a B.S. in Cognitive Science with an emphasis in Linguistics and a minor in Language Studies (German). I graduated magna cum laude and with highest honors in the major.

In the fall I will be headed to graduate school for my MA in Speech Language Pathology. I plan to learn elementary Vietnamese and ASL and work predominately with first and second generation children in the public school setting. I’m so so so excited for all to come.


My perfect graduate school acceptance record- 4/4 so far! (Just waiting on one more).

Wow, I could not be more thrilled and excited for these wonderful opportunities. It is finally starting to feel like my hard work has paid off. If you are interested in Speech Pathology, I’m happy to answer questions about the application process or program. I am an out of field student as well so can help with finding schools that accept students like me. 


Meet my bestest friends from college.
One of those girls migrated with her family from Guanajuato, Mexico when she was a teenager.

Another of those girls migrated from Mexico when she was a little girl. She has undocumented status and therefore didn’t get financial aid. She paid for her tuition in cash with the money she makes as a waitress.

One of these girls has more than four brothers and sisters, one of which has cerebral palsy. Her father walked out of her life when she was a teenager leaving her and her mother to help raise the kids.

One of these girls moved out of her home to focus on / be closer to school. However, without financial help from her parents she was forced to take on two jobs to help pay her rent, car, and other bills. This made it almost impossible to focus on school and her gpa plummeted. Regardless, she will be starting graduate school this fall.

All of these girls are #first-generation college graduates who are hoping to inspire their younger siblings to attain a college degree. They are #latinas who were told NO! by fafsa, U.S. Gov, and even some college professors.

However, they now have something most don’t: a college degree.

Most importantly, they are not stopping there. A bachelors was never the goal: a masters degree is.

That is the mentality needed to succeed.
We are Latinas and we can’t be stopped.