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IMS O anGER that i discovered you ike a day after u closed requests??? i wouldve requested a lot i swearr ur so fucking rad and i hope little ha is having a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and u)

sjsK im so sorry 2 hear about ur unfortunate timing anon pls….drop into the inbox when rqs are open again i would love 2 hear what u have in that mind of urs!!!

lil ha is ready 4 bed!! it is time to go 2 sleep :’-00

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ff veriyor musun dogum gunu kizi

Tabiki de verir dogum gunj kizi size ff sjsks💋

@asosyalqenc 🎀
@cereyansalamayanpikacu 🎀


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i have combined type adhd and often stay up at night (YES i know its bad but I'm A Cool Kid) and when staying up at night if i hear so much as a creak my brain jumps to smth like "THERES A KILLER IN THE HOUSE THEYRE COMING TO KILL YOU!" or "THERES A MONSTER BEHIND YOU!!" or even "THERES A DEMON IN YOUR CLOSET!" and its gotten to the point where i get so scared i can't move or have panic attacks. when i told my psychologist about this (at the time it wasn't so bad) (1/2)

she said thats part of the adhd and it’s “over reactive imagination” (she had better wording sjsks) and while that may be true, as of recent i was looking up symptoms of paranoia and thats part of them (apparently, maybe i’m looking at the wrong sources. i exhibit the “all ur friends hate u and are gonna leave you!” too and im like “hmmm paranoia, anxiety, or rsd? what a fun game”) so i was wondering what you may think of this and if what she said is true or not ;; sorry for bothering u (2/2)

I think it’s a little extreme for ADHD, but I don’t really know apart from that. You should bring it up with your psychologist again; if nothing else, she can help you with coping mechanisms.

Followers, what do you think?


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Psst!! Hey!! No matter if you deny it! You are an awesome artist!

Very listen! (?) Ok lot Zelda sjsk
I’m noooooot agskhga ….. Although I must say that among so many messages like this, I’m already believing it hehehe which is not true, I’m a nobody who draws because likes it uwù