what “social justice" should be:

  • spreading awareness of issues affecting specific groups of people in society

what "social justice” somehow ended up being:

  • shaming or generalizing anyone who has a different opinion than you
  • calling people “scum” and telling them to “go die”
  • calling people uneducated, then refusing to educate them
  • acting like a self-righteous “moral authority” and expecting people to praise you up for it
  • having a bitter, angry outlook on the world
  • looking for “casual-‘isms’” in insignificant everyday things
  • nitpicking the media to find ridiculous new reasons to be offended
  • invalidating someone else’s negative experiences on the basis of “privilege”
  • playing “Oppression Olympics”
  • claiming to be against discrimination, then continuing to discriminate others
  • claiming to speak for specific people who never actually wanted your help in the first place
  • misc. hypocrisy/bigotry
  • INTERVIEWER: Does The Doctor have the same feelings for people and things that he did before he regenerated? Does he have the same feelings for Sarah Jane that he did in the '70s?
  • DAVID TENNANT: Not necessarily, but with Rose, he certainly did. Meeting Sarah Jane again was deeply moving for him, I think. And what was interesting there was, he, in a sense, has gotten younger. That's The Doctor's eternal problem: he will always outlive his earthbound friends. And that's a great dramatic opportunity that you don't get in normal drama. You've got this character who's virtually immortal, certainly in terms of anyone from Earth, and how does that impact on those relationships? Even within a fantasy action/adventure scenario, you get to play these wonderful emotional beats. It's unlike anything else.