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Handsome was a light way of describing what Aedion was. Overwhelming was more like it.

Towering and heavily muscled, Aedion was every inch the warrior rumor claimed him to be.

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[September 2018 Events Recap / Résumé des Evénements de Septembre 2018]

1) Hangeng during “Ningbo International Speed Park” on the 1st September 2018.
/ Hangeng pendant “Ningbo Internatonal Speed Park” le 1er Septembre 2018.

2) Hangeng during “Audi R8 LMS Cup 2018″ on the 2nd September 2018.
/ Hangeng pendant “Audi R8 LMS Cup 2018″ le 2 Septembre 2018.

3) Super Junior performing at 2018 Asian Games Closing Ceremony on the 2nd September 2018.
/ Super Junior interprétant à la Cérémonie de Clôture des Jeux Asiatiques 2018 le 2 Septembre 2018.

4) “Boucheron” event in Taipei with Siwon on the 6th September 2018.
/ L’événement de “Boucheron” à Taipei avec Siwon le 6 Septembre 2018.

5) Super Junior D&E performing “STYLE Japan Tour” in Yokohama on the 7th and 8th September 2018.
/ Super Junior D&E interprétant le “STYLE Japan Tour” à Yokohama le 7 et 9 Septembre 2018.

6) “Quiz On Korea” with Leeteuk on the 8th September 2018.
/ “Quiz On Korea” avec Leeteuk le 8 Septembre 2018.

7) Ryeowook performing “One Night In Paris” on the 9th September 2018.
/ Ryeowook interprétant “One Night In Paris” le 9 Septembre 2018.

8) “Harper’s Bazaar Charity Stars” event with Hangeng on the 11th September 2018.
/ L’événement “Harper’s Bazaar Charity Stars” avec Hangeng le 11 Septembre 2018.

9) Super Junior meeting with the Indonesian president and the first lady on the 11th September 2018.
/ Super Junior rencontrant le président Indonésien et sa femme le 11 Septembre 2018.

10) “Audi Urban Driving” event with Siwon on the 15th September 2018.
/ L’événement “Audi Urban Driving” avec Siwon le 15 Septembre 2018.

11) Super Junior D&E performing “STYLE Japan Tour” in Kobe on the 15th, 16th and 17th September 2018.
/ Super Junior D&E interprétant le “STYLE Japan Tour” à Kobe le 15, 16 et 17 Septembre 2018.

12) “Paradise Art Space” Opening Party with Siwon on the 17th September 2018.
/ La Fête d’Ouverture du “Paradise Art Spaceé avec Siwon le 17 Septembre 2018.

13) Leeteuk and Shindong during “Must Sell To Return” Press Conference on the 20th September 2018.
/ Leeteuk et Shindong pendant la Conférence de Presse de “Must Sell To Return” le 20 Septembre 2018.

14) Super Junior performing at “Paradise City” Festival on the 21st September 2018.
/ Super Junior interprétant au Festival “Paradise CIty” le 21 Septembre 2018.

15) Ryeowook performing at “Korea Sale Festa” on the 27th September 2018.
/ Ryeowook interprétant au “Korea Sale Festa” le 27 Septembre 2018.

16) Siwon during Omega Grand Opening in Top City Taichung on the 28th September 2018.
/ Siwon pendant l’Inauguration de Omage dans le Top City Taichung le 28 Septembre 2018.

17) Super Junior D&E performing “STYLE Japan Tour” in Tokyo on the 27th and 28th September 2018. Kyuhyun was there to support them.
/ Super Junior D&E interprétant le “STYLE Japan Tour” à Tokyo le 27 et 28 Septembre 2018. Kyuhyun était là bas pour les soutenir.

Breath spent telling minors to stay out of shipping discourse for their own safety is, I think, probably better spent telling them how to identify sexual predators and stressing that anyone can be a predator. I just really don’t see how proshippers saying “Stay out of this for your own good” gets interpreted as anything other than “I see you as a threat, so please give up.”

(Note that I’m not talking about helping young people get out of specific situations where they’re being harmed or at risk. It’s just the general message of “You’re a minor, so you shouldn’t be involved in this conversation” that strikes me as wrong-headed.)

Honestly, it never really sank into me that Siwon is a chaebol. I knew that fact all along but it wasn’t that of a big deal like it’s right infront of your face that it makes you intimidated. Because I think, first of all, Siwon never imposed that as a Super Junior member. Though there are members in SJ who came from a very poor family back then, he never seemed like he’s so up there as compared to them like there’s a big gap between them. It was never like that. He went through the same hardships as his members to become an artist. He’s an equal. They’re all equal.