Hello again,

So I’m mostly back from my little holiday - like any trip worth taking I might have left a few pieces of myself there. I feel about as mentally refreshed as I do physically exhausted - that is to say an equally dangerous amount of both.

My camera stopped working on the morning of the second day, or the night of the first, depending on where you draw lines. Either way the sun was shining when my little gadget’s winding mechanism stopped winding and every unopened film in my bag was made redundant. It might be because I left it on top of a mountain we called Weathertop for a few hours in the morning heat; it might just be because it was for the best to leave parts of the trip visually undocumented from my point of view, who knows.

I have one film to get developed though plus several domestic efforts from the preceding months and the people that I went with took about a million photos on their phones too, so I’ll try and get my hands on a few of those at some point and share them here. 

As far as writing goes I only found myself alone for an hour or so one morning but I made the most of it and got about a dozen poems down as well as the start of a short story (there’s also a handful that I wrote shit-faced and have no memory of but I’m yet to try and decipher those). I’ll go over it all tomorrow and see what’s worth using.

Now that I’m back I’m essentially free but I have to start looking for a job quite fervently and I’m also planning on actually beginning to submit things to competitions, publications etc, so there may be a slight drop in how often I post while I wait for certain stronger efforts to be thoroughly rejected elsewhere first. Also I might start posting the poetry here as text  posts again, rather than images but I’m open to your input on that. Preference?

 In short, the holiday was fucking good and I’m going to write a lot over the next month or so. Cool right?