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Junkrat, Genji, and McCree's S/O getting cold and huddling next to them for warmth on a walk? (Since you asked for fall asks and it's chilly in the fall!)

Junkrat: Literally the best person to be with when it’s cold outside bc he’s just a big ball of heat?? The warmest boy. He also loves hugging you from behind and nuzzling your hair a bit, will also hold the umbrella when it rains or snows.

Genji: He’s made of metal how would he provide heat, you ask? His internal temperature regulator thing keeps him warm during the day but he needs clothes so he can stay warm and not overwork his internal workings. Not that best with transferring heat tho.

McCree: The second warmest boy, and will let you under his serape for when you’re sitting down outside. Also hugs you a lot and will get you like.. five million cute hats and scarfs so you stay warm.

Lance being the “tidy” one:

Keith is an utter mess all the time (shocker right?), but Lance was that kid who had a binder for every class with sectioned off chapter notes and visual references he drew himself. He was dedicated, tried extremely hard, and studied all the time. And all he ever heard from his teachers was “why can’t you be more like Keith?” Lance would bite his tongue hard, and try not to throw Keith under the bus for being kind of a shit show, but good at what he did. So when Lance gets back to Earth, and sees his teachers for the first time, he just stomps right up to one, and rubs it in their face that he was doing so good while Keith stands at his side and backs him up.

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(1/2) please imagine Jason unable to completely get rid of Tim's coffee stashes so instead of chucking them, he replaces them with decaf coffee grounds and Tim doesn't notice?? I mean he loads his coffee up with so much sugar and cream

that it’s not like he could taste a difference anyway. but he DOES notice that he doesn’t feel as energized lately and he thinks the lack of sleep is finally catching up to him so he takes a good long fucking nap and Jason’s mission is Complete


LOL ohh my gosh that’s so sneaky, I love it. 

After his nap, Tim gets suspicious and starts researching caffeine tolerance. 

He tests the coffee.  

Jason goes into hiding for two weeks. 

But Tim does have to admit that sleep is good, and he’s slightly more willing to actually do it once in a while. So Jason still counts it as a win. 

From Mexico. 

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i bet that instea dof hanging the triplets drawings on the fridge when theyre tangeble theyll put them on henrys antlers maybe that doesnt fit but the idea came to me and i couldnt ignoe it

Not the triplets but most definitely the triplets’ kids, much to Henry’s consternation.

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Can you give headcanons about chrollo falling in love for the first time

Yes. I love this. :)

🕷Chrollo wasn’t sure why he felt butterflies in his stomach whenever he was around his s/o. He ignored the feelings, thinking he had a small crush until he realized he was in love.

🕷He kept thinking about his s/o whenever he wasn’t busy with troupe business or trying to steal something. It got to the point where he wrote their name down in his favorite book without even thinking about it.

🕷He kept his feelings to himself because he was afraid they wouldn’t accept him for who he was. He’s a dangerous criminal who has committed a lot of crimes since childhood. He didn’t want them to know about the ghosts from his past like his feelings he buries six feet under.

🕷They came to him on a rainy day, crying because they believed the relationship wouldn’t work out. They wanted to know the real him. Not the skilled actor who puts on a mask and performs an act for the world to see. They wanted to know who the real Chrollo Lucilfer was.

🕷He couldn’t answer their question at first because he doesn’t know who he really is. The mask he wears to cover the scars from his past is glued to his face; however, every time he pieces together his emotions like a puzzle, the mask cracks.

🕷As they walked away him from crying, he reached out for them and pulled them toward his body, praying they would accept him since the rest of the world rejects him like a broken toy tossed into the trash at a factory.

🕷He told them he loved him and about his childhood slowly as the rain danced around their body. More tears streamed down their face because they realized the man they fell in love with has a broken heart that’s been shattered to pieces since the day he was born. They wanted to help him piece his heart back together and hold him close.

🕷They kissed him deeply and told him they loved him. This is what happened the first time he feel in love.

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Okay but, startled Genji just freaking LAUNCHING himself straight up like cats do when startled. LIke he's there, and then he's gone. You look up, he's hanging from the rafters.

He does it even when he’s not scared, and sometimes uses it to shock the new recruits bc he’ll like spring up into the rafters and hang up there before jumping down and scaring the hell out of the new kids around the base.

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  • when allison suggests hair dye, neil is hesitant at first. caught between it feels like running away again and i want to keep taking my life back
  • he eventually caves, going a brilliant fox orange and he cuts his hair, much to andrew’s “displeasure” (he loves it)
  • he cuts his hair like baekhyun, and he doesn’t stop running his hands through it. he gets all sorts of people hitting on him at all kinds of places because he looks so good
  • when he enters the foxhole court on game night, the crowd goes wild for it
  • also when he takes his bandana off after a game??? he looks like a model, allison likes filming that moment for her snapchat
  • when he scores, nicky dances and neil joins in….like it would be hard, with the gear and all, but they make it work
  • there’s vines of them dancing on court
  • also the foxes have snapchats (and there’s an official fox team snapchat) and there’s always at least one video of him doing something kpop related
  • and in interviews. he makes obscure references all the time! like, if someone says something he doesn’t like, he’ll point to the door and say “please go out,” in reference to that one exo interview on 360
  • dan and matt have an inside joke that they both secretly crush on neil
  • everyone has a bit of a crush on neil except aaron and renee
  • there’s compilations of neil dancing and making references and just being neil all over youtube. “neil josten exo compilation” “neil josten palmetto striker dancing to kpop”
  • he gets a lot of sponsorships after he graduates too? companies want him to promote their stuff because his fanbase is so diverse and big and also they just want him to model for him
  • when he first gets an offer he’s really confused because why would they want a scarred up, tired college kid like him to be part of their campaign? but andrew would knock him upside the head and just tell him to make up his idiot mind
  • but i think it’s been established that neil is bad at branding because we know andrew gets sponsorships too and we also know that neil and andrew share clothes a lot
  • on the topic of sharing clothes, andrew stealing neil’s giant, comfy, jungkook-eque shirts
  • if neil look small wearing them, andrew looks absolutely miniature

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Illumi 6

6. Hugging Headcanons

📍Illumi doesn’t like to hug and doesn’t see the point in it since he never received hugs from his parents.

📍He might watch other people hug to get an idea of how he should do it if he’s in a relationship otherwise he doesn’t care.

📍If he does hug his s/o, it’s very quick and awkward.

📍He will only hug his s/o if they give into his demands or if they ask him to hug them.

📍If he’s married, he won’t hug his s/o unless it’s necessary because he views the relationship as a business.

Send me a character and a number for a headcanon

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Reaper is way too hype about Halloween, and McCree isn't, so back in the day, when Reaper was basically raising him, I bet McCree was just silently seething on the inside because it's July and there's fucking Halloween shit around. And since McCree doesn't really care about early Christmas stuff, while Reaper HATES it, I feel like McCree would get back at him during Christmas. Like "I don't even care about decorating early but just because it pisses you off I'm gonna do it"

McCree being a little shit and setting up the entire base in extreme Christmas decorations while Gabriel is gone, and when he comes back, McCree is dressed as Santa with a shit eating grin on his face and Gabriel implodes.

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readin all the old hc tag stuff- now i wanna see a drawin a henry shooshpappin dipper. like, that would 8e the most amazin thing, 8ut i'm not gr8 at drawin, nor can i get a good image a what henry looks like in my mind. nor could i show y'all it, not havin an account and all. or(though if i'm lucky this could change soon) a scanner.

It would be less literal papping and more like squeezing or cuddling. Long arms = good hugs.

Important Announcement


{–Okay but… just imagine.

Lavi grabbing Kanda’s hand and setting it on his head.

Kanda just staring at him for a moment b/c “wtf is this about?”.

Kanda grabbing his hair and head-slamming his face into a desk.

Lavi reeling on the floor clutching his face crying “YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PET ME AND GIVE ME AFFECTION!”.

Kanda just giving him a look of confusion and going “Oh is that what we were doing? I thought this was voluntary punishment for doing something stupid again.”


One day Kanda just reaches for his hair.

Lavi recoiling and demanding what he’s doing.

Kanda just shrugging and petting his hair even though Lavi’s giving him suspicious looks.

…Kanda slamming his face into a desk again as soon as Lavi relaxes his guard.

Kanda just smiling for the rest of eternity because Lavi gets jittery and runs away any time he brings up hair-petting and he’s not falling for THAT again.–}

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Could you do more headcanons with chrollo and his s/o please? Thank you in advance!


🕷He likes to take his s/o on dates to the bookstore. They like to sit at a table near a window, drinking coffee and reading a book in silence. They exchange words every so often to see how the other is doing.

🕷He likes to bring his s/o to art museums. They examine each painting together and discuss the artist intentions. Usually Chrollo tries to find a good painting to steal for his s/o.

🕷If the weather is bad, they will lounge around the house in their pajamas with a good book in their hand. Sometimes they will eat chocolate pudding and watch a movie. Other times they will cuddle near the fireplace and chat.

🕷He likes to read poetry to his s/o to help them go to sleep. Some of poetry is written by him. He likes to write poetry when he’s traveling or on troupe business.

🕷When he’s gone on troupe business, he will call his s/o every so often to find out how they are doing. Sometimes they won’t hear anything from him for weeks because he’s busy or he’s lost in his thoughts.

🕷He comes and goes from his s/o house. They don’t expect him to stay long because he has troupe business plus he’s always traveling. When he is around, they like to have sex or cook dinner together. Mostly his s/o cooks because he will burn the food.

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TIME FOR SADS! Okay so Reaper having the greatest fear of being left behind/having to leave someone he loves behind, especially after the explosion. Either his s/o ends up having to be left behind on a mission and Reaper is just screaming and sobbing and fighting about it because that's someone he cares about who is being left to suffer and die just like he was left. To make it happy, s/o manages to return and has to hold and cuddle Reaper a lot to reassure him.

so chekov usually takes his notes in russian (and extremely sloppy half cursive russian) because it’s faster but whenever his friends are gone from class he’ll take notes in english so that they can copy them down later.