sjm taiwan

kyuhyuk moments / interactions ( no order!! ) <3

there are actually alot more videos but those are the only few I was able to find :) enjoy!


110430 Suvarnabhumi Airport - SJM back to Taiwan

It’s Siwon fancam, but shows Kyuhyun as well. 2 reasons why this video matters.

Kyuhyun was really sick that day. You can see by the way he walks with his head down, he is not at all well. He couldn’t even carry his own bag. But someone else carries his bag for him.

1) This person is none other than Siwon who is seen carrying two bags on each side. If one is his, then the other is unmistakably Kyuhyun’s. He followed right after Kyuhyun.

2) It wasn’t the managers who carried Kyu’s bag. Nor did any other hyungs. I’m sure, seeing Kyu like this, Siwon took action readily and carried his bag. I mean, why would he want to show off at such a situation, tell me?

Just another proof, that Siwon really does care for Kyu.   :)

(video cr. SEE-WON)


140621 Best of Best Concert - oppa oppa