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I got a weibo a while ago and was following all the SJ members and then I got a message and apparently when you follow Zhoumi you get this cute “hey thanks for following etc” message why did no one tell me about this why do we not talk about this and just how cute and lovable Zhoumi is

In the beginning when SJM had activities in China, SM arranged them all to sleep in one big room to bond them. Each side of the wall had 3 beds. Zhou Mi said there were people singing, grinding teeth, playing guitar at night. It was very noisy and it looked like a childcare center (Luv_Opera)

Trans of Sungmin's interview in The Star
  • R stands for Reporter.
  • SM stands for Sungmin.
  • I am only translating Min's part as Zhoumi's fanbase has already translated his parts.
  • R: Heard SJ's Comeback stage this time is on a well known China music show, and it's the first stage. Aren't you showing SJM's glory in China?
  • SM: Many fans cane to support us so it is definitely something to be thankful of. But lately EXO has been developing better in China (laughs) They are developing so well, we definitely need to work harder.
  • R: Zhoumi recently took part in China's Immortal Song, and is the host for radio, which do you think is more interesting?
  • SM: It's good as long as it's solo activities
  • *Zhoumi says it's still better with members around*
  • SM: Thank you (to Zhoumi)~ but when I had solo activities, I felt the same way as him.
  • R: Sungmin, can you say something about the end of (your participation) in The Three Musketeers?
  • SM: It's really tiring (laughs), just joking. Other sunbae actors always help me, and I built up alot of feelings for them. There are also sunbaes I knew since Jack the Ripper. I dont know when my next musical will be, although I did not show it on stage, when I took photos with sunbaes offstage, I felt sorry (that it has ended).
  • R: You are both 86-liners,is there anything you want to do before 30?
  • SM: I am considered to be born in 85, the first number of my age already changed (30, not 29). Fans and sunbaes already treat me as a 30 years old. So I will change your question a little, what do I want to do before I turn 40. I want to get married quickly before 40! I have many fantasies about marriage. Having stayed so long in showbiz, it has easily changed to not being able to be in relationships, nor get married. Judging from this, rather than liking a person, it will depend on her conditions and other stuff. I hate this, so once I have somelike I like, I will want to marry her quickly. Then people around us will feel that we are a matching pair.
  • R: Recently WGM global edition is being filmed, Sungmin are you envious?
  • SM: No... they are not marrying people they like, so I am not envious.
  • R: Last question, The Star has been around for 1 year, if we want to last as long as SJ, what qualities should we possess?
  • SM: That's a really good question, have to answer well, but at 30 years old my answers are too earnest...
  • *Zhoumi ends up answering first*
  • SM: My thinking is getting more and more complicated, just enjoy. "Being interesting" is most important. I feel that, if you enjoy what you are doing, people watching will enjoy too. Our members will also encourage each other before going on stage by saying "Let's do it interestingly today!"
  • Cr: 百度李晟敏吧4inmin
  • Eng trans: elf_ninida

[Guesthouse BTS] Kyuhyun talking about members’ chinese and speaking chinese

Kyuhyun: (in Korean) For chinese, actually starting from 2008, did activities as SJM, stayed in China for a period of time so learned some chinese. Wanted to learn more chinese so improved quite a lot. Recently, there are not many activities in China so standard worsened. But can still do conversations. If we were to arrange members in terms of ability to speak chinese, it is differs for each theme. For example.. how should I put it.. The one who knows most vocabulary is Siwon. How should I put it.. ah.. how should i put it.. Can’t speak well but can pretend to do so is Eunhyuk. As for me, my pronunciation is good, a standard that is recognized by the Chinese, good pronunciation. We all have our own strengths.
(In chinese) Are you watching me now? I am watching you too. Let me tell you a secret.. I.. I like you
Staff: (in korean) what did you just say?
Kyuhyun: (in korean) /Explained what he said/ that was what I said. Ah, I don’t say such stuff usually, feeling so shy../looks afar/


Super Junior-M Selected as Google’s Top Trend Celebrities

Google selected Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Super Junior-M as one of the top trend celebrities.

Google has a tradition of holding special events on April Fool′s Day every year. This year, as it celebrates Gmail’s tenth anniversary, Google decided to feature ‘trending selfies’ as Gmail background image option, featuring trend leading celebrities in different fields, such as singers, movie stars, athletes, scientists and more.

SNSD and Super Junior-M were selected as Korea’s top trend celebrities and were featured on April 1 at noon and April 2 at 7 AM (KST), respectively.

SNSD and Super Junior-M Selected as Google’s Top Trend Celebrities

The event also featured singer Katy Perry, Shakira, actress Sophia Vergara, internet pioneer Vint Cerf and more.

Meanwhile, SNSD wrapped up promotions with Mr. Mr and is currently getting ready for Japanese arena tour while Super Junior-M is promoting Swing in Korea and China.