“They’re our peers” aka Stephanie and Brandon freaking out over their fellow Tony nominees Laura Linney, Cynthia Nixon and Mary Beth Peil being in the same room as them


for the cast of falsettos to have another live stream viewing party once it comes out on pbs ( like they did for the album drop ) and like talk about their scenes and the process from the initial blocking to final staging and their favorite moments and like cute backstage stories,,,,

is that too much to ask

Okay so everyone talks about Marvin’s character development, which I will not deny is one of the most dynamic and realistic character arcs of any fictional character I’ve heard of.

Still, no one talks about Trina’s development. In act one and part of act two, she lets her anger at Marvin take over life. It blinds her to Mendel’s love. Also, Jason to her is just a symbol of her failed marriage. By Holding to the Ground, she lets her bitterness go. She allows Mendel to love her and sees Jason for who he is: her extremely intelligent and mature son. She chooses to be friends with Marvin and care for Whizzer. Trina is one of the strongest female characters ever, but what makes her strong is that we as the audience are able to see her struggles to achieve that strength. Idk I just love Trina.


Stephanie J. Block Speaks On Broadway Show “Falsettos”

(accurate) falsettos soundtrack


1. Whose Mother Let That Child Swear

2. Call Me Daddy/My Ex-Husband Sucks (Dick)

3. It’s Karate, Kid: The Musical

4. Mendel’s a Bad Psychiatrist 

5. My Father Sucks (Dick)/My Parents Think I’m Crazy

6. Cook Your Own Damn Dinner 

7. This is What Happens When You Go to a Bad Psychiatrist

8. Chicken Marengo/Jason’s A Slightly Better Psychiatrist But Not Really

9. Mendel’s A Furry/Why Are You Calling Him Daddy Now?

10. F*ck the Patriarchy/Welcome to Duloc/The Patriarchy’s All I Have

11. Whizzer Wins but he actually doesn’t

12. Better Homes and Gardens

13. He Drinks Tea in the Bathtub?

14. Send A Wedding Invite to Your Ex-Husband! Genius!

15. “I Hate the World!” “He Hates Everything!”

16. Someone Pays Some Attention to Jason for Once


1. Exposition/Marvin’s A Big Boy Now

2. Puberty!

3. Puberty! (Reprise)

4. Cubs Win the World Series (2016)

5. #TonyBoney

6. Mendel Never Read the Torah

7. The Naked in Bed Song

8. Spoiler Alert: It’s Called AIDS/Whizzer Be Trippin’

9. Yes, SJB, You Go

10. They All Lie Minus Jason

11. That Random One That Shows Up on Shuffle Every Time I Turn On Spotify

12. Gay: The Musical

13. The True Meaning of Bar Mitzvah

14. Oops, Marvin Probably Has AIDS Too, But That’s Never Explicitly Said

15. SYMBOLISM (Tango W/ Death)

16. Whizzer Dies

17. KYS, William Finn