“I really do pride myself on going, ‘Is this something that I truly want?’ Because for actresses, and actors I think, there’s a great joy in being chosen. Then you have to sit down and say, 'Am I just happy I’m chosen, or am I happy that I get to tell this story and play this role eight times a week for the next year?’ There is a big difference. Whether you’re a woman or a man. I’ve had to ask myself that question, 'Do I want to play this woman? Is this woman a part of me?’ or 'Is this woman so scary that I have to play her because it’s such a great challenge?’ But if it just feels wrong or foreign, or you just want the job to get the job, these are not reasons to keep changing who you are just so you can be chosen for the part…To me, success is only success if it’s on your terms and the way that you want it.” – Stephanie J. Block (x)