Guys, I glanced at my followers just now and I’m close to 500 now. To any bigger blogs this may not be too much but I went for 3 and ½ years not being able to gain more than 150 followers or any real activity, hell, I think I had only made over 100 notes on a post one time but that’s not important.

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Second episode in the first season of Samurai Jack: 

Jack is confuzzled about the future and wants a drink. He heads into a bar and feels so out of place in this time. After getting into a minor scuffle at this bar, Jack befriends a group of talking dogs who request his help in getting out of forced labor. Tons of funny jokes are littered throughout the episode :D

Second episode in the fifth season of Samurai Jack:

Light comedy from Aku which is quickly zapped from you as it focuses back on Jack. 

Jack is tired. He thinks about suicide as his attackers try to kill him. He ends up killing one of Aku’s bots but SIKE it’s a real person which causes Jack more emotional trauma, since he has never killed a human before. As he bleeds out from getting stabbed, he falls into a fast paced river which could ultimately drown his unconscious body.

Oh and a white wolf dies, blood staining its coat and its eyes open and dull, from its attackers as well. :(

I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again:

You cannot challenge racism, on this level, by being nice to and reaching out to white supremacists.  Their entire ideology revolves around dehumanizing us.  It just does. not. work.  

You cannot fight fascism by prioritizing the feelings of fascists and letting them think they’re safe around you.  You don’t “get them on your side”.  Because treating them kindly and respecting them, gives them your silent approval and access to those of you who are way more vulnerable than you are and who cannot afford to feel safe enough to “debate” with these monsters. 

Our humanity is not a question or a debate topic, and by giving these people a platform you legitimize their views and help spread them to a larger audience. 

I just thought of something I haven’t seen talked about yet. If Jack does succeed in going back in time and destroying Aku, what will happen to Jack’s aging process? The first trip had an unexpected side effect and keeps him from growing old. Fifty years and he’s still physically the same. If he goes back to his own time, will he stay that way forever? Would a second trip through a time portal cancel that out and reset him back to his original age? Or what if it did something even worse to him?


Here are the Kingdom Hearts World Logos of several cartoons that is made by PortadorX from Deviant Art. Enjoy

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