somethin that ive noticed about post-undertale undertale jokes is that they’re all centered around really bad skeleton puns (not bad like they are in the game, but really phoned in, hokey, making-fun-of-the-undertale-fandom-bad) as well as sans (”hey look its my favorite character, sands undertale”) but none of them are about papyrus

which leads me to believe that, even after people like me kinda got sick of undertale and left it behind, cracking jokes about how silly the fandom was and how silly it got after we left, we never wanted to disrespect papyrus, because papyrus never did anything wrong or had anything like an edgy past or gigantic amounts of depression or anything that could make him a worthy target for the kind of jokes sans gets thrown at him.

papyrus is just a goofy skeleton fella. nothin wrong with that. no reason to make fun of em. he’s just havin a good time, tryin his best, bein responsible.

good for him.


GOT7 when you and Mark have a serious fight, he cries during a fan meeting, and the boys want you to apologize~

I think I would be most scared of Jackson in this scenario because I feel like he would be ruthless if someone hurt Mark~

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ok. this video just brought me to tears and no joke changed my life. supercorps are… so talented and next level… everyone else is going to need to step it up x30737 percent cause. wow. a bitch (me, im the bitch) is sitting here crying cause this just… altered my life perspective

I’ve been staring at this girl for minutes, and when she saw me watching her, she angrily asked “what’s up” and I was like “nothing I like your style” that shut her up so quick, she was so embarrassed

The only acceptable meme content is Phichit sending Yuuri Rick Ashley’s hit song “Never Gonna Give It Up” repeatedly for the last 5 years because Yuuri Katsuki is a trusting man who just….he just won’t learn. 

P: “OH do you want to listen to my free skate btw? I thought we could mime through it tomorrow after my Psych class” 

Y: “Yeah go ahead and send it. I might write your step sequence since I’m bored.” 

P: “ “

Y: “A youtube link that’s weird.” 

Y: “I’m staying at Ciao’s tonight. I hate you.” 

He does it ONCE to Victor who unironically loves this song and just starts dancing and singing to it with such happiness that Phichit can’t….he can’t break that.