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Most people with their pronouns in their bio who are old enough to legally get a job and are not in school are employed

Just making this unsupported statement does not disprove the tweet’s validity. It’s almost well-known that people who put pronouns in their bio are typically ‘sj blogger’ types who dedicate a lot of their time to activism. Even the few that are employed most likely work menial jobs or run ‘professional’ blogs.

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it really feels like the popular sj blogs are all trying to out-woke eachother like they are playing a game of: Who Can Use The Biggest Amount Of Long Words In One Post? God you guys are like a god damn year 7 English class analysing a fuckin book. Heads up, you're not getting graded on this.

im not popular and im not an sj blogger and the only reason i commented on the post is because i care about the people it affects

that one guy who looks like nostalgia chick’s friend nella is always trying so hard to be one of the Big Anti Sj Bloggers but he just comes off as desperate for attention and tryhard (which is pretty wild bc most of them already seem that way)

  • anti-sjws:fuckin sjws. always looking for things to get offended over. these people don’t even really care about the issues, they just want the attention
  • anti-sjws:*make posts (they think) will draw massive outrage and tag them with every conceivable social justice-related term they can think of*
  • anti-sjws:*track tags like "social justice" and "feminism" looking for unwilling strangers to annoy*
  • anti-sjws:*seek out and hatefollow sj bloggers; try to instigate a pointless argument on every single thing that person posts*
  • anti-sjws:*constantly tag each other on posts they cant formulate a coherent argument against but are somehow still blindingly angry about*

would love to be mutuals with more australian sj bloggers especially lgbt australians. hmu 👍👍

want more australian mutuals on twitter too @ hodglepodgle

if u follow u should like this post bc i’m bad at keeping up with my activity but i’ll keep track of this post’s notes.

i will say this: mocking trigger warnings is immature and self-centered because it’s literally just you making an assumption that you know every single detail about everyone in the room and what could potentially freak them out.

like, anti-sj bloggers forget that ptsd isn’t something people brag about? like i don’t introduce myself to people going “hi im an african refugee who survived a civil war please don’t show me videos of starving africans because it can cause a mental breakdown” BUT i do let my professors and counselors know that I am medically recognized as someone with PTSD and have medically recognized triggers. so when they announce “trigger warning” to the class, i can just get up and go to the bathroom and i don’t have to make my life story aware to everyone. and it’s hurtful af when someone mocks the professor for offering the trigger warning or makes fun of people who need trigger warnings because i can’t help the amount of death and violence i saw growing up and how that makes me react to scenes of death and violence as an adult. but YOU can help your ridiculous urge to be a complete asshole about how my professors choose to help me and other students who are PTSD victims deal with things.

Noah fence but if non psychotic sj bloggers on this site could stop pretending to support psychotic people WHILE attacking them that would be great.

Be honest with yourself. You only “support” psychotic people with Good and Moral delusions that aren’t Problematic.

Like I’ve seen so many of you reblog posts that say “don’t tell psychotic people their delusions are wrong it won’t help uwu” (which is true) but then you’ll literally attack psychotic people who legit 100% believe in their delusions. As if you can change them. Because you don’t like them and you’re the good one.

(Non psychotic people can reblog this)