sj blogger

  • Anti-sj blogger: Oh so you're just going to use a gif? You don't have an argument do you?
  • Me, to myself: Actually, I do have an argument. I know what it is, and you know what it is because both of us have done this song and dance with other people in similar situations a million times. Repeating my argument is a useless, draining attempt at getting you to understand basic concepts of social justice that 15 year olds already understand. You don't care about that. You want me to waste my time and get riled up because you thrive off the attention and you enjoy painting people who disagree with you as angry, unreasonable marginalized people who are only hurting themselves by not being complacent.
  • Me, to them: You ugly

i really dont get anti sj bloggers obsession with “hurting special snowflakes fee-fees” or whatever like great. you hurt a child on the internet. that really isnt as funny as you seem to think it is

anti-sj bloggers: omg, why are sjws offended by everything?

anti-sj bloggers: i am deeply offended by your headcanons, your media criticism, your donate button, your mental illness, your lived experience, your “made-up words,” your life choices, and virtually every aspect of your identity

it’s rlly funny when anti-sj bloggers say trans and queer people have serious victim complexes because lets be real white cishet people on tumblr have the WORST and most UNNECESSARY victim complexes in the world have you seen all the comics and powerpoints they make about it

14 year olds with sj blogs be like
  • Blogger: Hi
  • Tags on post: text mention 472937, introductions 37376541, hello warning 373772, interaction warning 373774, scopophobia warning 37775578, text, personal ////9863
DC Superheroes’ social media presence
  • Superman: Facebook is all links to Daily Planet articles shared from Lois’ page. Tumblr is also all his Daily Planet clips which are posted as photo posts with a vaguely relevant stock photo attached. 
  • Batman: Mass emails. Has never heard of most social networks. 
  • Nightwing: Avid Instagrammer. Obnoxiously spams overly corny pictures of himself and whoever he’s dating at the time. Makes a point of getting selfies from ridiculous angles. 
  • Supergirl: Immediately popular on every social network. Fandom/SJ blogger with a focus on bandom. Instagram is linked to tumblr. 
  • Red Robin: Runs a blog full of musings. Also runs social media accounts for Bruce Wayne because Bruce doesn’t know how and the “international playboy” cover works better with social media. 
  • Red Hood: Hates reddit but is somehow always arguing on it. 
  • The Flash: Memes
  • Damian Wayne: Odds are what he’s actually angry about is something another player on World of Warcraft said to him
  • Wonder Woman: Is like 70 years old. Constantly asking Supergirl to help her with the computer. Tweets like Cher. It’s incredible for everyone involved. 
  • Cyborg: Alternates between heavy activist stuff, livetweeting movies, and selfies that go viral almost immediately. DEFINITELY participates in every blackout.
  • Oracle: Remember how someone was bothering Damian on World of Warcraft
  • Green Lantern: Hal is a viner who uses his ring to do stunts. John uses facebook to keep in touch with old classmates, he has exactly one picture on facebook and it’s the profile picture he uploaded on the first day the account was opened. 
  • Green Arrow: Basically just the way Mark Ruffalo is irl
  • Aquaman: Somebody at some point managed to trick him into thinking twitter is google and now he tweets all his google searches. 
  • Martian Manhunter: Wikipedia editor
  • 14 year old "sj" blogger: omg thats so problematic and ableisssttt
  • same 14 year old "sj" blogger: like just kill yourself
  • the same fucking 14 year old "sj" blogger: please dont show me the repercussions of my a mom doesnt know im on her laptop...stop harassing me...dont make me accountable for my actions..nooo....

Things that AREN’T racist, according to anti-SJ bloggers:

  • racial fetishization
  • Neo-nazi bloggers
  • anti-Islam bloggers
  • the confederate flag
  • racial profiling by the police
  • trivializing cultures by using them as costumes
  • blackface, brownface, yellowface, etc.
  • lack of media representation for minorities

Things that ARE considered racist by anti-SJ bloggers:

  • making positivity posts for people of color 
  • headcanoning a character of ambiguous race as anything other than white
  • making a white boy joke
  • affirmative action (which, by the way, is a bullshit argument for “reverse racism”)

sj blogger: talks about a concept that has literally been around and discussed in both academic and real world circles for decades

anti sjw: fucking tumblr sjws making shit up

The anti-SJ blogger looks fondly through a family scrapbook and finds an old photo of his grandparents campaigning at a civil rights rally in the 60s. Reeling from the revelation that he is descended from SJWs, he falls to his knees. All his life he had tried to pwn others, but by being born, life had pwn’d him

What did you do today?
  • LGBTQ Rights Activist: I helped collect money for a charity to help build Gay and Trans* friendly homeless shelters.
  • Human Rights Activist: I helped pass out pamphlets informing people of what they can do to help stand against human trafficking in foreign countries.
  • Citizen: I called the police and reported domestic violence in the apartment next to mine. An abusive husband went to jail, and the wife is recieving medical attention.
  • Tumblr SJ Blogger: I posted 50 "misandry" gifs and told a cishet white dude to kill himself!
  • LGBTQ Rights Activist:
  • Human Rights Activist:
  • Citizen:
  • Tumblr SJ Blogger:
Dear social justice bloggers:

Always remember that the people that harass you and make racist, misogynistic, ableist, transphobic, etc., comments on your posts are NOT the ones you’re trying to reach. Those are anti-SJ trolls and they have already made up their minds and will not listen to reason. 

It’s the people out there who are on the fence, who are still inquiring minds, the ones who most often don’t even leave a “note”, THEY are the people you’re trying to reach. In fact, any anti-SJ backlash you face is almost always a sign that you’ve hit a prejudiced nerve and are doing something right. 

So please do not lose hope. Keep on fighting for social justice no matter how many trolls surface from the nasty depths of the interwebz to try to stomp you out of existence. Bc the more they whine & moan, the more you can be sure that you are disrupting the white male supremacist (etc) status quo and promoting positive social change.

Personally, I plan to continue advocating for social justice for as long as I am able. I hope that you will all join me in solidarity!!!

I don’t understand why so many people on this website look for fights when there literally isn’t one. Imagine if we acted like this in real life.

“my favorite color is orange.”



saying “protect girls” does not mean “push every man, boy, and androgynous person who might be male into oncoming traffic”, and no, it is not implied. All that is implied is “protect girls”. this is very simple to understand, actually.

making a post supporting one thing is not necessarily condemning the opposite, so stop pretending it does.

Honestly I really hope the people who react to posts like that in such a volatile way don’t act like that all the time, because such an explosive person who jumps to conclusions like there is no tomorrow sounds exceedingly unpleasant.

the thing that always gets me about the whole “WOW, TYPICAL TUMBLR” thing people always say when they complain about ~the SJWs~ is that I’m almost absolutely certain that sj bloggers aren’t the majority on tumblr as a whole. the average tumblr user is, like, a photoblogger, or someone who almost exclusively reblogs random popular posts from big blogs like did-you-kno or thefrogman or pleatedjeans or one of the many cute animal picture blogs

idk whenever people mention an Asian ethnicity doing something sexual it’s like. Why is their ethnicity relevant.
It’s like are you trying to invoke the image of the “sexually deviant Japanese girl”.
“Japanese” as an adjective implies that there is some way that Japanese people look specifically, and there isn’t.

Look I get that furries aren’t actually an oppressed minority so it’s “okay” even by SJ-blogger standards to mock and abuse them, but if you approach how you treat people based on whether or not it’s problematic/oppressive to hurt them, you’re not actually a socially conscientious person. You’re PROBABLY a bitter asshole who puts on a front of caring about social issues so that nobody calls you out when you mistreat people who it’s “okay” to mistreat

Newsflash; Violence against a person in a fursuit is still violence. Bigotry against oppressed people who are also furries is still bigotry, even if your comments are directed at them being furries. And if you’re snickering at this post then you’re embarrassingly childish and missing the point

No I’m not saying that making fun of furries is on par with ACTUAL bigotry but I’m saying that when it’s a JOKE to you that people almost died in a terrorist attack then you probably need to reexamine how much you really care about other people, especially if you consider yourself socially-conscientious