ELF JAPAN & smtown_insta Update with Hyukjae & Siwon

Hyukjae : How are you? This time is Siwon came to see me ! Envy? I am also very happy! We are all doing well! So we will meet next time!! 

* Siwon liked smtown_insta’s photo ^^ (c) (c)


Here are the Kingdom Hearts World Logos of several cartoons that is made by PortadorX from Deviant Art. Enjoy

if ur feminism does not acknowledge the specific struggles women of color face, ur feminism is worthless!!! if ur feminism does not acknowledge the specific struggles trans women face, ur feminism is toxic!!! if ur feminism does not acknowledge the specific struggles women of foreign countries face, your feminism is xenophobic!!! if ur feminism does not acknowledge the specific struggles disabled women face, ur feminism is ableist!!! white cis abled women should acknowledge their privilege over woc, trans women, disabled women, and women of other countries. support ALL types of women, not just the ones who already benefit from some form of privilege

i dont trust people who rely on “the law” for morality.

it’s always some smug “well that’s the law, vote and change it if you don’t like it!” presented as some sort of gotcha. ignoring the fact that we know laws and legal precedents in the past have been ethically wrong, abusive, racist, bigoted, you name it, and many laws continue to be such to this day; ignoring that changing these laws has always been a much more complicated and dangerous ordeal than “just voting”. “we” as in “we the people” didn’t make the laws; we never have. the rulers did, and those same rulers enforce those laws through force. always have and always will. the “social contract” theory is horseshit, we don’t get to negotiate away laws we disagree with without a significant investment of time, money, and labor; these things are out of the reach of most people. therefore, the idea that the law is any kind of metric for morality -even in so-called ‘democratic societies’- is inherently fallacious and ahistorical.

which brings me to my conclusion that people who say shit like this don’t really care about ethics at all; they’re just going “Yeah, well the Law is on my side! If I call the police/a judge/some other representative of the State, they’ll side with me and you’ll be forced to comply!”

it’s intellectually lazy at best and an insidious philosophy of Might Makes Right at worst. usually a combination of the two imo