Urgh with the paralympics coming up there’s the usual bullshit around about “superhumans” so here’s a reminder:

Do not call disabled people superhuman, do not call disabled people angels, do not put disabled people on a ridiculously high pedestal and hold us to impossible standards that we can never fulfill

This is just another form of dehumanisation and inevitably ends up with all of us who cannot fit your superhuman/angel role instead being seen as subhumans and demons

Super Junior’s (old) Dorm Stories 2


Kyuhyun told his members to arrive at the dorm by 11am because he will prepare food (spicy grilled chicken w/ vegetables) for them. Turns out he woke up at 11am so he couldn’t cook the food.

+ it seems like members are pretty fond of this menu as this is one of the menu’s that they eat all the time (like their love for japanese ramen)


Ryeowook doesn’t like animals. During his dorm years, he put all his efforts to not have Heechul’s cat entering his room.


Exo members visited Kyuhyun & Eunhyuk’s dorm and were surprised by an unpleasant (foot) odor in the house.


Donghae and Ryeowook who lived in 12th floor went down to 11th floor and told Eunhyuk to leave while they were arguing. Eunhyuk had no where to go for a whole 30 minutes.


Donghae wanted manly, tough hands so he slammed his hands against the wall (???why tho). But he didn’t want his hands to become rough, so he put on hand cream afterwards.

Titanic’s B-Deck Restaurant Reception Room, where passengers would gather before and after dinner at the A La Carte Restaurant. Also note the centerpiece of the room, the Aft Grand Staircase, which was a simpler and smaller version of its more famous counterpart further forward. If you look closely you can also catch a glimpse of the Cafe Parisien just through the far doorway.

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Heechul said his ex-girlfriend asked him why he didn’t tell her ‘I love you’, he answered ‘I haven’t even said I love you to my fans!’ then the girlfriend asked ‘So I am just the same as your fans?’ and then Heechul replied ‘My fans have known me for several years, and you have only known me for a few months.’

160727 Heechul Fan Meeting in Shanghai (c)

alright, no one wanted this to happen upon everything that they hold dear and holy and i totally get if no one backs me up on this (fair warning: this gets fucking long, because i ramble a lot)

((kudos to @a-kingdom-of-foxes​ for the brief lapse of judgement in their tags with damen, neil, and kevin. i feel like they deserve credit for letting this badboy sink deep into my mind))

but hear me the fuck out: 

  • TFC AU (post-TKM) where the wealthy orphan son of a late millionare tycoon (possibly secret mob family head? based somewhere in France and around Eurasia), who has done nothing but uphold his reputation in his late father’s company but continuously gets soiled by reasons unknown, an entrepeneur by the age of sixteen, a nineteen-year old by the name of Laurent de Vere signs a five-year contract with David Wymack
    • (he double-majors in criminal justice and psychology)
  • so Laurent is a classic Allison case. he’s white, he’s privileged, and he dresses really nicely so he basically gets isolated by fellow Foxes off-court, who’re too bitter abt classism and mildly disturbed by the pretty guy who starts a fight as soon as they start talking to him
    • (they’ve learned their lesson with neil, okay)
    • Neil thinks there was a brief moment where he saw Laurent’s isolation parallel Andrew’s lot, but he ultimately ignores it when Laurent doesn’t start a fight with him
    • it seems like a fair exchange. Neil leaves him alone, and Laurent doesn’t pick a fight with him.
  • He joins the Foxes around Neil’s fifth year, and no one expects this noodle to:
    • a) own a motorcycle
    • b) be as vicious as Neil “so please, shut the fuck up and leave us alone” Josten; and,
    • c) be one of the Foxes’ best backliners since Matt
  • he’s reserved. he likes books. he’s a natural genius and doesn’t bother to hide it. he jogs with neil sometimes in the mornings, but only because they match schedules and maybe because Laurent is competitive af and almost always tries to jog ahead of Neil every morning
    • most of the time the runs are great
    • sometimes they end up puking in front of the Tower out of exhaustion

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