Ryeowook performing “The Little Prince” at Music Core on the 6th February 2016.

Ryeowook interprétant “The Little Prince” au Music Core le 6 Février 2016.

Gintama: A Poem

“Gintama is a comedy,” I murmur as my heart is torn out and stomped on.

“Gintama is a comedy,” I whisper as tears of heartbreak roll unbidden down my cheeks.

“Gintama is a comedy,” I cry as my soul is sucked dry.

“Gintama is a comedy,” I sob as the shards of my existence are scattered to the ends of the earth.

“Gintama is a comedy,” insists my dying breath, as I fade away into a sea of pain and heartbreak, never to be seen again.


“Radio Star” with Kyuhyun as a MC, Part 6/7.

“Radio Star” avec Kyuhyun en tant que MC, Partie 6/7.


• Piss them off
• Humiliate them
• Defame them
• Jump to conclusions about what they think and run with them
• Throw accusations at them
• Apply guilt by association
• Mock their demographic
• Get them fired/imprisoned
• Destroy/damage/vandalise their property
• Physically hurt/assault them
• Generally act belligerent

anonymous asked:

You cannot honestly believe that a person spending one night on WebMD has more medical knowledge than a trained professional that has spent 10+ years studying how to accurately identify mental illness.

No I don’t but here’s the thing: You are completely misportraying the reality of self-diagnosis

  • Every person I know who has self diagnosed has not just spent one night on webmd. People spend weeks, months, sometimes years, trying to work out what’s different about them, often referring to multiple sources.
  • Official diagnosis can be expensive, inaccessible, lengthy or downright impossible depending on who and where you are. Acting like only those with the privilege to be able to acquire an official diagnosis are disabled is ridiculous.
  • Doctors are not all-knowing. Doctors make mistakes, doctors have prejudices, doctors miss signs or misdiagnose, many doctors do not know a lot about specific illnesses and disorders or do not remember everything from those 10+ years. I had a psychiatrist who literally googled things on her tablet in front of me in sessions. 
  •  I’ve had various mental health professionals admitting to me they know nothing about Autism and asking me to explain things. (One place even turned me away from mental health care on the grounds that they ‘did not know how to deal with Autistic people’)
  • Disabled people know their minds and bodies better than anyone else. We are constantly denied agency and the refusal to acknowledge what we know about ourselves unless we have an official diagnosis from a usually abled medical professional is incredibly damaging. This creates a situation in which the medical system controls and gatekeeps the disabled community and does not help us at all.

Stop trying to simplify this issue and make it sound like something its not.