Women who do silly things they otherwise wouldn’t because they’re afraid of not fitting their gender role get consciousness-raising circles and slogans about how terrible patriarchy is. Men who do silly things they otherwise wouldn’t because they’re afraid of not fitting their gender role get bombarded with “lol fragile masculinity” jokes or told that they did it to themselves.

I do not like this sam I am 

Neuroqueer Nidoqueen: “Non-speaking does not mean non-listening.”

This is the fallacy you are committing when you speak about me as though I’m not there. The absence of output does not preclude input. I can understand what you say regardless of whether I respond in a way you in-turn understand, or respond at all.


okay how funny is it that truscum know that their shitty ideology in itself is enough to provoke people into getting pissed off with them and they have the nerve to link their little anti-truscum receipt blog to everyone who does. it’s like, woah so many people send truscum death threats? no fucking wonder, not surprised there. your blog doesn’t mean shit.

also how they claim the reason they do this is because “you shouldn’t send death threats no matter who you are”. like, what stopped you harassing, stalking and scrutinising the body of a poor disabled trans woman and every purchase kit made for literally over a whole year because you didn’t believe kit was amab or poor or disabled (which, by the way, is far worse than sending a death threat )?

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I want to add another category of discrimination, but I'm not sure what to call it--subtle hostility (as opposed to the overt hostility in your examples)? Non-inclusion? I'm talking about things like "no one around me would ever say that women can't be programmers, but I still have to fight to get taken seriously a lot more than my male friends do" or "all these people claim to think that asexuality is okay but won't stop determining everyone's value as a person by how much sex they have".

Or “people talk about me like I’m not in the room or not a person” or “I keep getting mistaken for the janitor” or “lesbians would never stare at girls in the locker room” or “bi people are fine I just wouldn’t date one” or “I respect your gender identity but I think you’re making a mockery of femininity” or “love the sinner hate the sin”?

Idk what the category here is but something like “of course we respect you but our behavior makes more sense if you assume that we don’t respect you at all”? 

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Why are you such a eminem hater? Can't you appreciate his success even though you have different views? What he raps about may not be politically correct but it's still comedy. Every good comedian is controversial. Deal with it.

Hey there buddy, thanks for the kind concern about my opinion about Eminem. Btw, I think I’ve got a pretty great surprise for you!

A potential new love connection maybe? ;)

senor-curley + asahazardousyouth sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

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Equality Golbat: “There is one area where ‘low intelligence’ is attractive. That’s men attracted to ‘dumb’ women, which is creepy for obvious reasons.”

I’ve said before that there’s no such thing as a reverse sapiosexual. Well, there is one exception: Creepy, abusive men who want to take advantage of vulnerable women, the logic being that “dumb” is synonymous with gullible, generous, and promiscuous.



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Even after 10 years, we’re alright
Even if we’re childish sometimes, we’re alright
If we’re together forever, we’re alright
You know I’ll always be there
Let’s go together, We’ll be Alright
Now promise us, we’re alright
We promise, we’ll be with you forever

- Super junior Alright

Others won’t understand. They hate on Suju, they pick on every mistake they have ever made as if they weren’t humans. But we know. We know. from the car accidents and the time when Kyuhyun almost died to when Sungmin got married. its been 10 years since their debut. 10 years of pain, sadness, tears, happiness, smiles, and hardwork. All I want to say is thank you to every Elf out there who has also cried and smiled with Suju, supported not only Suju but also each other and always thought of Henry and Zhoumi as a part of this big family. Every now and then I go and rewatch Super junior - a walk to remember engsubbed. I promise you it will make you tear up but you will also appreciate Suju and their hardwork.

  • friend:u kno im rly upset with nicki rn she was just complaining about not getting an award and blew it way out of proportion
  • me:excuse me
  • friend:and then she even dared to say racism was a reason?? wtf right?
  • me:*gets up, starts walking*
  • friend:wait where are u going
  • me:if i don't get at least 30 ft away from u i'll go off and beat the shit outta u
  • friend:
  • me:
  • me:bye
When Nerds Collide
My intersectionality will have weirdoes or it will be bullshit.
By Meredith L. Patterson

Just read this. It’s a very cogent sum-up of some of the problems with ableism in “geek feminism” and offers a suggestion of how to make things work.

Also, even though I don’t write code well, by this article’s definition, I’m a hacker. It probably explains a lot.