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Disclaimer: All those rules have exceptions and they’re all made up by me, just for fun. Enjoy.

☆ 1. In nearly every group there is a member who is ‘shy’, e.g. he will never show his chest or sth (not that it’s usually your bias).

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☆ 2. Each group has an underrated member (e.g. SNSD’s Hyoyeon, SISTAR’s Dasom).

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☆ 3. Each group has an overrated member (e.g. 2NE1’s CL, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, SNSD’s Taeyeon).

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☆ 4. Each girl group has at least ONE sweet-cute-girly song/concept on their accounts.

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☆ 5. If a song has the word CRAZY in title, it’ll be a hit (e.g. Crazy - 4Minute, Go Crazy - 2PM, Crazy - Jonghyun, So Crazy - T-ara).

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☆ 6. A lot of fandom names have nothing to do with the name of the group (e.g. 2PM - Hottest, FT Island - Primadonna, VIXX - St☆rlight).

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☆ 7. If name of a group is an acronym, most probably it makes no sense (e.g. U-KISS - Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star, B.A.P - Best Absolute Perfect, VIXX - Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis). Exception (huge one): BTOB (Born To Beat).

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☆ 8. There’s always someone…a bit less conscious than the others (e.g. EXO’s Lay, INFINITE’s Sunggyu). 

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☆ 9. Most of the groups (older ones usually) have a song that somewhere in the past was a huge hit and everybody knows it (e.g. Super Junior’s Sorry, Sorry, SNSD’s Gee, KARA’s Mister). 

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☆ 10. Nearly always there’s someone with an unique nickname and someone that kept their real name (e.g. BTS - V/Jimin, SNSD - Sunny/Taeyeon, INFINITE - L/Sunggyu, VIXX - N/Hongbin). 

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☆ 11. Practically all groups have at least one popular dance which is included in each and every random dance (e.g. AOA’s Like a Cat, Apink’s Luv, SJ’s Sorry, Sorry, SISTAR’s Touch My Body). 

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☆ 12. Usually the rappers are either underrated (e.g. INFINITE’s Dongwoo, SNSD’s Hyoyeon) or overrated (e.g. B.A.P’s Zelo, EXID’s LE).

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☆ 13. If the MV includes something unusual, e.g. the shy member has a transparent shirt (VIXX’s Super Hero), all comments will be about that thing. 

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☆ 14. The group being on Weekly Idol is all about laughing at them during the random dance. 

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☆ 15. There’s always someone…A bit worse at dancing (e.g. BTS’ Jin, SNSD’s Sunny).

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  ☆ 16. Usually, a girl group and a boy group somehow similair from the same companies are treated as a pair (e.g. SNSD & SJ, 2NE1 & BIGBANG, 4Minute & B2ST).

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☆ 17. Amber is friends with at least one member of most of the groups and many soloists (e.g. GOT7′s Jackson, SJ-M’s Henry, Rainbow’s Woori, Ailee, Eric Nam and many more…).

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☆ 18. Leader is usually more mature (in behaviour), e.g SHINee’s Onew, EXO’s Suho, KARA’s Gyuri, SNSD’s Taeyeon, SJ’s Leeteuk, U-KISS’ Soohyun.

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☆ 19. However, there are some drastic exceptions (e.g. INFINITE’s Sunggyu, B2ST’s Doojoon, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon).

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☆ 20. A lot of the groups have sub-units (e.g. Super Junior-M, INFINITE-H, VIXX-LR, SNSD-TTS, SISTAR19, 2YOON).

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☆ 21. Usually at least one member of a group has a solo song/album (e.g. SISTAR’s Hyorin, Block B’s Zico, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, 4Minute’s Hyuna, Secret’s Hyosung and many, many more).

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☆ 22. Practically all boy groups have a song and/or concept that sounds/looks less-than-manly (e.g. SJ’s Too Many Beautiful Girls, VIXX’s What To Do, SHINee’s Love Like Oxygen).

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☆ 23. Words you’ll hear in 95% of k-pop songs are sarang (love), chigeum (now), kaja/kanda/kara/kayo (go, let’s go), gaseum (heart), moseub (shape), michyeo (crazy), jilleo (fire), barabwa (look) and many more.

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☆ 24. No group/artist can win the Random Play Dance at first try. NO.

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  ☆ 25. Most of the groups have their official logo, fandom and colour (e.g. INFINITE - logo: the neverending symbol, fandom: INSPIRIT, colour: gold).

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☆ 26. All fans always say they need a new comeback, doesn’t matter if the last one was yesterday or a year ago.

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☆ 27. Most of the groups have danced with something or on soemthing (e.g. After School - poles, SJ-M - bandanas, Girl’s Day - feathers).

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  ☆ 28. A black and white music video is necessary (e.g. 9Muses - Wild, 4Minute - Crazy, Wonder Girls - Be My Baby, EXO - Sing for you).

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☆ 29. A music video with one leading colour, too (e.g. EXID - Hot Pink, SJ-M - Swing, SJ - Blue World, BEG - Kill Bill).

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☆ 30. K-pop is immortal.

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My Wookie feels are rising again…I’m not even sorry…

[Fan Account]140411Sungmin’s Mom Talked About SJ-M ‘SWING’ MV

After Swing MV came out, I watched with Sungmin’s mum at Kona. She pointed at the scene where Sungmin danced on a table and said “How can they let old people do this type of climbing up and down actions, makes people worried, shouldn’t this be done by young agile kids… “

cr : LIVSM单恋晟敏