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a summary of the "SJ returns" teasers
  • leeteuk: physically can't stop MC-ing, even to his dog
  • heechul: energy levels are the epitome of 0 to 100 real quick
  • yesung: only cries or swears (there's no in between)
  • shindong: either always hungry or always working
  • eunhyuk: practically a caveman
  • donghae: not the sea
  • siwon: a gentleman, a humanitarian, likes feeding people

Thank you Leeteuk, for being the best leader you can be, even if you have too much on your own hands.

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Thank you Heechul, for being so extra with variety, yet so caring to your members and showing your soft side.

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Thank you Hangeng, for keeping the connection with your brothers and wanting to perform with them again like the past memories.

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Thank you Yesung, for being your unique self, and singing with your strong and husky art like voice.

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Thank you Kangin, for showing your own special way of caring for Super Junior; even if you’re struggling, you’re willing to admit your mistakes.

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Thank you Shindong, for being the mood-maker within the group and helping the members anyway you can.

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Thank you Sungmin, for never forgetting the members despite your marriage, and still maintaining your adorable personality.

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Thank you Eunhyuk, for joking around with everyone and smiling with your classic gummy smile.

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Thank you Siwon, for opening up your group with your acting as you still refer to yourself as a Super Junior member.

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Thank you Zhou Mi, for being your bright self despite everything you gone through and for taking care of Super Junior-M.

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Thank you Donghae, for smiling like there’s no tomorrow, and always reassuring the members whenever needed.

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Thank you Ryeowook, for making sure Super Junior is properly taken cared of by being your motherly self.

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Thank you Kibum, for remembering Super Junior, even if you moved on your own towards a slightly different path.

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Thank you Kyuhyun, for despite teasing your elder members, you still love them with all your heart.

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Thank you Henry, for expressing all of your amazing talents and enduring being a foreign member from across the country.

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Thank you Super Junior, for being The Last Man Standing, remembering the fact that your path is an and, not an end.

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(Even though most of you guys just tripped here… oh the irony indeed.)


Hello this is Sungmin.
Due to several situation, I’m here to greet you guys after a long time. 
Firstly, I’m sorry for worrying the fans.
There has been talks that weren’t nice these days because of me and because these are things that I cannot judge and take action on my own.. I’m sorry for giving such a late reply. Because of that, I’ve always felt sad and sorry about it.
Looking back from the process of preparing for my marriage, from a position as an idol who has grown from the love from many fans for over 10 years, it seems like I’ve disregard the fact that I should not (have handled it) in a general way.
To the fans that felt hurt because I didn’t manage to give more careful consideration and  a truthful position at the time when it is needed, and the people who felt  betrayed from the baseless misunderstanding and rumors which grew bigger like a snowball, I feel that there should have been a more active communication (between us).
Even though they are activities that I’ve wanted to do with the members that I’ve anticipated so much everyday while I was in the army, with the heart of earnestly hoping that this important album for Super Junior will do well, I’ve decided not to participate in the activities this time.
As a member of Super Junior, I want Super Junior to receive love for a long time. In order for that, with the current situation of my ongoing controversy, I think it is the right decision to think of Super Junior first and I think that me not participating in the album this time is for the sake of the team’s path. It is an important comeback for everyone this time round so I don’t want to make it as situation that because of me, our ELF will not be to support us with all their hearts.
Sorry to the fans who gave me love and supported me but I think I need to have more time and work harder.
ELF, I hope that you will support Super Junior’s comeback this time round with all your hearts and please continue to watch us.

Label SJ Respond:

Hello, this is Label SJ (SM Entertainment).
This is our statement regarding Sungmin’s post today about his activities.
Label SJ has decided to respect Sungmin’s decision not to participate in Super Junior’s album.
From the beginning, Super Junior was created as a group that could be flexible with its members, and as a result, Super Junior has seen love and success across the globe, able to promote in a variety of ways.
Super Junior is currently preparing for an album, with hopes to release it in October, and the label is doing its best to help Super Junior carry out promotions that are better than ever before.
Though Sungmin isn’t participating in the album this time around, Label SJ will fully support all of Sungmin’s future activities.
Thank you to all the fans who have loved Super Junior for so long, and we ask for your continued love and support for all of the Super Junior members.” © ©

Honestly this is so heartbreaking.
They know that it would be not possible for them to continue as a group if they don’t have a good response from the public with this album.
Please, as someone who really loves SJ, support them. They have done a lot for the K-Pop industry and have been through many hard situations for them to end up without support for the closed minded fans of their own fandom and from the new generation.
They deserve the world and lots more.

And remember, if the world betrays Super Junior, ELF will betray the world


This talk of kicking Sungmin and Kangin out pisses me off because it reminds me of three various years:
2006- “Kick Kyuhyun out”
2007- “Kick Henry out”
2008- “Kick Zhoumi out”
This isn’t a spin-the-wheel-and-let’s-see-which-member-it-is-this-time game. These are living, breathing people. This is their career. Just leave them be. They’ve been together 12 years. Stop this.

To follow Park Jungsoo… wherever he leads us.

To cheer for Kim Heechul… at any cost.

To respect Han Geng… in his every decision.

To sing with Kim Jongwoon… every note and melody.

To accept Kim Youngwoon… as well as all his flaws.

To appreciate Shin Donghee… regardless of appearance.

To adore Lee Sungmin… every side of him.

To watch over Lee Hyukjae… as he rocks the stage.

To support Choi Siwon… in everything he does.

To protect Zhou Mi… and his beautiful smile.

To give strength to Lee Donghae… when his tears threatens to fall.

To take care of Kim Ryeowook… the way he cares for all of us.

To believe in Kim Kibum… no matter what.

To listen to Cho Kyuhyun… for as long as his voice exists.

To stand by Henry Lau… every step of the way.

To cover the world… with Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons.

To love Super Junior… for as long as my heart allows me.