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I really wish more people could find the happy medium between the “anyone who doesn’t like Beyonce’s music hates black people and everyone even remotely cisgender is scum who deserves to die” kinda SJ shit and the “nobody ever really gets raped and i’m gonna throw the n word around because lol you tumblrinas get triggered easily” kinda edgelord shit.

Like, it’s possible to think tumblr style SJ is toxic and illogical. And it’s possible to think sometimes people are in fact disadvantaged by factors outside of their control. And it’s possible to think both of these things at the same time. Both ends of the spectrum are asshole ends of the spectrum. Sometimes being a bit centrist is a good thing. Ya don’t have to do extremes, people.

and thats when bucky knew she was the one

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I really don’t like the “don’t explain what you meant” bit of SJ-style directions on how to apologize.

Because if you actually meant something different from what people assumed, and you follow the SJ-directions so you don’t get blasted, then

Anyone who comes across the whole kerfuffle later is highly likely to assume you actually said what the SJers think you said, since there’s no evidence but your original statement, post, tweet, etc. to the contrary.

And that original statement may be brief or vague because you may not have realized that it would look wrong out of context until AFTER the kerfuffle showed you people might misunderstand. And then your apology, if made the SJ way, only reinforces the idea that you did something terrible for no apparent reason because humans are irrational and mean.

So right now?

I feel this way:

If someone demands your apology for something you think they misunderstood, and orders you to focus on “how you hurt them,” saying that this means you can’t explain yourself…

Politely explain your understanding of their point of view, apologize for anything you feel you did that was hurtful, and then politely explain that you’re going to say what you meant. Down below the apology, so people can avoid it if they want.

Put it behind a cut. Tell people that they’re under no obligation to read it. That you understand if they’re not ready to do that, and maybe even if they’ll never be.

But that you have a right to express what you meant to express, and so you’re going to do it, and their assessment of your sincerity is on them, not you.