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Dear Chul, the 2 members who’re dating each other.. need no rumours..since everyone knows 🤗 #EunhaeIsReal #EunhaeForever

HC: SJ members tell each other when we’re dating but there’s never rumours, I should buy all the members a hamburger

(they’re talking about how rumours spread in a chain when you tell just one person and scandals form)

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160619 KTR - Super Junior's secret camera is on a large scale as well ..

Seventeen said they did a secret camera on a member’s birthday but the members weren’t easily tricked.

Leeteuk: You can’t do it on that day, you have to prepare beforehand a few days earlier.

Seventeen: Super Junior did alot of secret camera right?

Leeteuk: We did it so many times. Once, Shindong started staying over at his friend’s place, and kept going there to hang out with his friends immediately after his schedules ended. Afterwards at an Indonesia concert, Shindong disappeared right away after the rehearsals ended, and only appeared again before the stage started the next day. It was a big issue, and the only people who knew the truth was me and a manager. Shindong told everyone that he was going to look for a friend and disappeared after rehearsals. Everyone had a room, but someone might enter his room so we left his room empty and he went to sleep with a staff downstairs. And then the next day, he didn’t go to the venue from the hotel with the members. He went there two hours earlier to find a hiding spot and stayed there, and only came back 10 minutes before the stage started. Afterwards, manager started to scold us and the members were very angry that they started quarreling. Siwon stood in the middle and blocked both sides very handsomely, and only found out it was a secret camera later on.

Seventeen: Wow why don’t we do this once as well?

Leeteuk: If you don’t handle this well, your group might disband so I don’t recommend it. [c

 [ENG] All about Super Junior - Secret Camera: