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SUJU: When You’re In A Car Accident

I’m sorry I’m only posting this just now, but I it all written and my browser suddenly crashed, and I lost it all. So I went into a funk, spend more than a week trying to motivate myself to write it again, and here it is. Disclaimer, it’s extremely long.

For the sake of this, I didn’t say if you were a best friend, little sister, girlfriend, wife, etc, so you can just imagine it as you’d like.

I’m going to make different groups for this:      

The “I don’t have any kind of reaction” group would be Siwon, Shindong and Kangin. They would have the least amount of external reaction to the situation (my first thought about this three guys’ reaction was linked to the Spanish idiom “La procesión va por dentro” which doesn’t have an English translation, but means kind of everything that’s going on isn’t shown on the outside, but they’re dying inside)

Siwon would be devastated inside, but would still fetch water and coffee for everyone, try to get them as comfortable as possible for the long wait ahead, and then he’ll probably just sit in a corner praying. I can see him praying nonstop until he knows how you are and what’s going to happen from then on.

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Shindong, I believe he’d be the one trying to keep everyone thinking positively, making sure to hug the ones that are crying, and get them as calm as possible. I guess I only see him freaking out in private, once the doctor gives them the medical part and he knows what’s going on.

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Kangin I see as the one that wouldn’t stop fuzzing over everyone else, to try and repress the thought of you being hurt. I see him as the one getting food, blankets, hugging the youngsters, trying to calm your family down. I think he’d be the calmest on the outside. He’d only break down once the wait is over and he’s able to see you.

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The “I’m trying to be strong but this is more than I can handle” group would be Leeteuk, Yesung, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk. They would be the ones that would try to stay calm for others, but wouldn’t manage to fool anyone.

Leeteuk I believe would first make sure everyone else was safe and as calm as possible, and he’d be crying silently while making sure everyone is okay, without worrying about himself until the entire situation has passed.

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Yesung I think would be the silent one that doesn’t want to get in the way. He’d just sit in the corner staring at the wall or the floor, and allow his thoughts to take over. I don’t think he would cry until he gets either good or bad news, that’s when I think he’d break.

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Sungmin I think would be the silent one that’s crying alone. The second he realises he’s going to start crying, he’d go out to the pavement, or maybe lock himself inside a toilet and cry by himself, not letting anyone see that he’s crying.

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Eunhyuk… I think Hyukkie would have the widest reaction spectrum. I believe at first, he’ll try to get as much information as he possibly can, trying to make sense of the situation, then he’d stay quiet and process everything he was just told, staring at your friends and family members, and then he would break down, and start crying, possibly hugging someone who needed it, but he’d be deeply affected by the situation.

Then, we have the “Crying a river” group, consisting of Donghae and Ryeowook.

Ryeowook, I think, would instantly start crying nonstop until he gets news that you’re okay, and if the news are not good then, I think he would be deeply affected for a really, really long time.

Donghae, I believe, would last a little longer before he starts crying, maybe until he gets to the hospital, but then, the tears just wouldn’t stop. I really do think that he’d only stop crying once he’s able to see you, even if you’re not in the greatest of shapes.

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And finally, I really believe Heechul and Kyuhyun belong in a totally different category.

Although most members have been involved in some kind of traffic accident, I think the ones that have the most traumatic experiences were Heechul and Kyuhyun. Heechul broke his leg in five places, had to endure an eight hour surgery in which doctors placed metal rods inside his legs to help the broken bones align correctly, and suffered from pains because of that for two years, until they got them out; And Kyuhyun, we all know about Kyuhyun: was propelled about 20 meters from the van, and when he got to the hospital they discovered he had a fractured hip, pneumothorax from broken ribs, and facial scratches and bruises. He was on a coma for four days and had 20% chances of making it alive. So I really do believe a loved one being involved in a car accident would break them.

Kyuhyun, I believe, would be in denial at first, trying to convince himself it’s a joke, that you’re actually alright and this is an extremely bad prank. But once he realises it’s actually happening, I think he’d be crying, without a doubt. He’d need to be held and taken care of, would be extremely sensitive to changes in the mood or other people’s reaction. I think he’d be so concerned about you going through what he went through, he’d start crying all over again if he’d calmed down, and would be extremely sad now that he sees what everyone went through when he was the one in your place, which would once again lead him to worrying over you.

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Heechul’s first reaction, I think would be to get mad. He’d be extremely pissed, reacting badly to everyone, yelling at nurses and doctor when they don’t give him any information, and overall being extremely sensitive to anyone that speaks to him. But I think there would be a point where he’d snap and break. Although I really don’t picture him as the crying type, I see him as the catatonic type. He’d suddenly go into shock, locking himself inside his head, his mind running a reel consisting in concern over your situation, every single possible outcome, and having flashbacks, reliving his own car accident and the pain he was in. It would take a while to get him out of that state, he wouldn’t listen to anyone, but once he snaps out of it, I can picture him crying softly, not sobbing or doing anything dramatic, just tears falling slowly from his eyes and rolling down his cheeks. I don’t know why, but I picture him trying to learn how to pray, even if he doesn’t believe in God, because he’d want to do anything he can to help you survive, and there’s not much he can possibly do in this moment.

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That was long, I’m sorry. I try to portrait their reactions as truthfully as I could, this is me trying to guess how each member would react, after almost a decade of seeing the way they act, and how they react to stressful situations. I hope I did them justice. Also, I couldn’t find any gif that matched what I needed for Eunhyuk and Ryeowook in the Tumblr GIF search engine, so I had to Google them. All credit goes to the author of both gifs.

(I’m sorry Heechul’s was the longest, but he’s my bias and I’ve spent so much time the last nine years of my life following his every move, I really believe that’s the way he would react.)

-Admin Narwhal

Dating Eunhyuk Includes...

-That gummy smile

-Seriously though

-It could solve the worlds problems

-Specially if he’s nervous and just scratches his neck and smiles

-Speaking of nervous

-He’ll be nervous around you for a bit but once he gets comfortable and knows you more

-He’ll be confident and proud to show you off

-You both will have unique couple items


-Shoes to dance in, cause you know he’s gunna teach you some dance moves

-It’ll start off easy and gentle and then BAM

-He’ll teach you something complex and be close to you so he can properly teach you

-This is his form of skinship

-Dancing is how you will know his mode

-He’ll goof off but you’ll know he is happy and enjoying your time together

-If there isn’t a lot of joking around, then something is bothering him

-Bring him food 

-I have a feeling he forgets to eat sometimes

-Especially when he is busy but he’ll always make sure you have eaten

-Like the rest of SJ this boy is stubborn

-It’s a wonder how he has survived in life sometimes

-But behind that stubbornness is his way of trying to make sure you are happy and in love with him

-It may be frustrating but it’s out of love and care

Overall, he’s gunna be a real wonderful and caring boyfriend. He’ll pamper you but expect you to pamper him some days. His stubbornness may be irritating but he cares so much about you and wants the best for you.

BTS Reaction | You fainting.

Jin Seokjin - 

You were on stage performing with your group and he was watching, when he noticed you looking quite pale his boyfriend instincts kicked in and he just wanted to pull you off to see if you were okay and that’s when you just dropped, followed by his and his members faces, when he saw you being carried off the stage he ran backstage, in a panic probably screaming, to see if you were okay, when he got there you were waking up.

“Sweetheart, are you okay? No don’t sit up a doctor is on the way” 

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Min Yoongi

You were in the genius lab with him, sat on his lap, whilst he was showing you his new lyrics, he noticed you weren’t really focusing and you were sweating even though it was cold in the room, he asked if you were okay when you were just dead weight on him a not so nice word fell from is lips, he quickly picked you up from his lap and placed you on the couch, after that he rang for an ambulance.

“Shit, wake up Y/N”

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Jung Hoseok -

You were with him in the dance studio dancing and he was teaching you the choreography to DNA, in your excitement to dance with him you accidentally skipped lunch, you were listening to him and copying him when you started to get dizzy, he didn’t notice because he was excited to teach you, all he heard was the tell tale sound of someone hitting the ground, he whipped his head around so fast to see you on the ground, he started screaming and panicking which alerted the other members who quickly ran in and then rang the ambulance. He felt guilty for not noticing sooner.

“Oh fuck oh fuck, shit why didn’t I notice before, ASOSKFIOEJF”

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Kim Namjoon -

You were practising before a big concert and he was watching from the seats in front, you told him that morning you weren’t feeling the best so he was came with you to make sure that you were okay, it was getting up to the first chorus when you started stumbling, he quickly got out of his seat and was making his way to the stage when you fell, running he made his way to you quicker than even the members who were on stage with you, he was very panicked when he got to you, blaming himself for letting you go.

“Honey, wake up come on, fuck I knew i shouldn’t have let you go today”

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Park Jimin -

You were on a walk around Seoul and you had ended up at the park, he noticed you were getting tired, so you both decided to sit down at a bench on the pathway, when you said you were fine and wanted to carry on you both started walking again, until with no warning you just dropped, he was very panicked and was crying, he didn’t know what to do so he rang one of his members.

“Jin, I don’t know what to do” “jagiya wake up please”

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Kim Taehyung - 

You were at an amusement park with him, having fun going on rides and playing games, but during your fun it had slipped both your minds to have something to eat so after one of the more heart dropping rides you came off feeling a bit dizzy, he noticed and thought nothing of it cause the ride was scary that was until you started stumbling, he came up to you and grabbed your arms to keep you stable and was asking if you were okay when you slumped against his chest, he’d remember that you both hadn’t ate that day so he was concerned but not too bad.

“Jagi, are you okay? Come on sit down I’ll get us some food”

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Jeon Jungkook -

You were in the dorms playing overwatch together, you’ve been feeling quite sick lately but you didn’t want to miss any time with him since he’s been busy with work lately so you’re trying to spend as much time as possible around him. He noticed something wasn’t right with you from the start, you were pale and weren’t as aware of your surroundings as normal so he was quite concerned. He watched you get up saying you wanted a drink and noticed you were swaying a bit he quickly jumped up and caught you as you fell. He started crying and panicking ringing an ambulance and his members not knowing what to do.


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the fact that tonnes of people just fucking equate nazis with antifascists is wild and so so dangerous, here’s a message to all the liberals out there and anyone else who follows this ‘both sides’ bullshit

fascists want you to oppose their enemies, they love it when you shout down their opposition for them, when you argue that defending those they would kill is ‘just the same’, it makes the road to power and violence so much easier

it has not been a century since fascists systematically slaughtered 6 million Jewish people and 6 million others, including romani people, gay people, communists, jehovahs witnesses, disabled people, slavic people and many others

lets be clear, this was not a misstep by fascists, this is at the core of fascism, these people whose ‘free speech’ you want to defend are aiming for many many more millions dead, they have not been shy about this, they have chanted their bigotry loud and clear and they have killed when they could

to fight back against that, to actually follow through on the promise of “Never Again” does not make someone as bad as Nazis or basically a fascist; to resist fascism, to fight back against their hatred, their racism, their antisemitism, their ableism, their homophobia, their xenophobia is bravery and necessity and you only make that fight harder every time you water down fascism, condemn its opponents and defend nazis

not everyone can fight, not everyone can get to counterprotests, but everyone can support antifa and refuse to give more power to the far right

Dating Donghae Would Include
  • his charming personality that would make you feel like a princess.
  • of course, he’d be your prince and even tease you to make him call you all those cheesy names. 
  • luckily he has you since he is very forgetful, if he were to forget something and you picked it up you made him do aegyo for you in order to get back his stuff.
  • out of all holidays, Christmas would be your favorite to spend with him and sometimes even the members.
  • the boys thought your relationship was a bit disgusting, in a good way.
  • they were just jealous of how cute you guys were and desperately needed a girlfriend.
  • whenever your mind was full of thoughts that needed to be emptied he was there for you.
  • same for the other way around, you guys were perfect for each other because you guys like to express your feelings a lot.
  • his hugs were the best it was like you were wrapped in a big fluffy bear.
  • you were his personal alarm sometimes when he’d accidentally sleep in you’d have to wake him up.
  • there were problems every here and there but nothing major that caused you guys to think twice about your feelings for each other.
  • with him working hard you’d often stop by to help him relax and make sure he ate.
  • communication was key in your relationship, you guys never hid secrets from each other.
  • which was what made your relationship stronger something that many people envied.

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[REACTION] The Evolution of SUPER JUNIOR (슈퍼주니어) - Tribute to K-POP LEGENDS 

I love Sarg’s SJ fanboy reactions! XD 

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