sj forever

Kind of related, and though it doesn’t really apply to Samurai Jack, I swear, arguments about parental/sibling-like relationships being “ruined” by romance just rub me the wrong way so often that I now struggle to see the validity in such statements even when they are totally valid (like in Samurai Jack).

Because, a lot of the time? The idea of non-blood-related characters being in a parental/sibling-like relationship is simply based off of (offensive) personal preference alone. These characters don’t look like a romantic couple should—be it because they are of the same gender, or one isn’t traditionally attractive and the other is, or they’re of different races, or so on and so forth—so a romance is impossible and awful.

And it just stinks, when characters are in the same peer group and love and care for each other a lot, but he’s “like her dad” because he’s protective and kind and respectful—as if only parents can have those qualities!—and you know the real reason people make the “dad” argument is because he’s not hot and she is. The real reason a romance “ruins” these kinds of relationships is because the idea of a romance between the characters is too “uncomfortable” due to aesthetics alone.

It’s just so damn hard for me to take these arguments seriously when so many of them are rooted in bigotry and intolerance.

“It’s funny that minorities think people are arrested just to fill prisons.”

That’s exactly what happens tho. Anti-sjs will forever be willfully obtuse and ignorant about the ways of the world while having the nerve to complain about safe spaces and echo chambers.